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Thursday, July 21st 2022, 4:47am

How to make input from textfield-plugin to map-plugin and add spot on map ?

Hi everyone.

I am new in krpano, I am trying to add textfeild on pano to be one input box the idea is to pass the values that enterd by user to my map-plugin in xml file in order to add spot on map. So, the input format is about coordinates latitude and longitude.

I found out on krpano forum this link:…ad&postID=52434 its working but when i still cannot deal with inputted value.

in my xmle file:


set(plugin[input].url, %BASEDIR%/textinput.js);

set(plugin[input].align, rightbottom);
set(plugin[input].x, 180);
set(plugin[input].y, 20);
set(plugin[input].width, 150);
set(plugin[input].height, 30);

set(plugin[input].onchanged, plugin[map].addstylespot(get(spot_pin_google)), get(text)[1], get(text)[2], 0, get(coordinate_spotstyle)));


Here in red colored parameters i wanted to be the entered values but should splitted to two values at first then pass it spot-map.

Any idea on how split the enterd value to two values and pass it spot as lat and lng ??

Thanks in advance gurus,


Tuesday, March 14th 2023, 11:10am


in krpano 1.21 textfields can be directly editable - here an example:…ld-editable.xml

And here for more information:

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