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Thursday, March 30th 2023, 11:30am


there are new releases for krpano 1.20.11 and krpano 1.21:

The recently released iOS 16.4 added new Browser APIs for getting the screen-orientation, but unfortunately that new API provided different orientation angles than Android devices (where the same API was already available since a long time) and also different to other already available browser APIs that also provided the screen orientation. And because that wrong/different-reported screen orientation, the gyro- and webvr-plugins were not working correctly in landscape mode (here the bug-report).

The new 1.20.11 and 1.21 releases (build 2023-03-30) are fixing this.
Now that new screen-orientation APIs is not used in iOS (unless Apple would remove the old API).
This should avoid future problems when Apple might correct the differences.

For version 1.21 there are additionally also a few more news and fixes:
  • New: Cache the initial krpano script decoding. A further embedpano() call or creating a type=krpano layer is now ~4x times faster.
  • New: Layer autowidth/autoheight settings for explicitly setting or checking if auto-sizing is used.
  • New: <if> element for conditionally parsing xml contents
  • Fix: Textfield visibility problems when changing the content of a hidden textfield (report).
  • Fix: The display.getAdaptiveFriction() function (used in the depthmap_navigation.xml) returned invalid values when there are very long frame-blockings (can happen when used locally on file-urls and loading large files).
  • Fix: Remove the new (and still internal) 'animate' action to be compatible with older Panotour Pro skins (which uses a custom 'animate' action).
  • Fix: Using videos as flat-pano didn't work (report).
  • Fix: Use an accurate visibility check for flat/2d webgl-hotspots to avoid that extremely large hotspots might become invisible when partially out of the screen (report).
  • Fix: Show an error message when trying to use a Number for a 'name' attribute in the xml.
  • Fix: combobox.xml - check if the parent layer is using autosizing when resizing.
  • Fix: Avoid triggering the oniphonefullscreen event in portrait mode and during editing a text.

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Yesterday, 2:59am

Thanks very much Klaus, we are very satisfied to know that krpano is always updated thanks to your great dedication.

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