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Wednesday, March 22nd 2023, 10:23am

Panotour Pro upgrade to KRpano 1.21

Hi I have copied this to KRpano Panotour Upgrade Package as I am not sure whether I have used the correct forum, apologies in advance for any confusion caused.

Hi I have just upgraded Panotour Pro from KRpano 1.20.11 to 1.21 and have noticed that the floor plan no longer works.

If I revert back to 1.20.11 the floorplan works again.

Can you please help.

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Thursday, March 23rd 2023, 7:22pm

Thanks for reporting this. I've been thinking for days whether to upgrade. I have a lot of projects that I have done, so I wouldn't want any of them to stop working for me if I change something. Like for example what you mentioned - floor plan.

I'm interested in what others say, have they noticed any other bugs?


Sunday, May 7th 2023, 12:38pm

I've the same issue.

Additionally Panotour Maps plugin doesn't work as well.


It has been fixed in krpano 1.21 (ver. 2023-04-30)

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