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Thursday, June 1st 2023, 12:38pm

play sound at hotspot

dear forum

we from the "stadtarchaeologi hall" want to expand a panorama tour as an audio guided tour.
the best solution would be, to do this using play sound at hotspot...

in practice the following problem arises. whenever you drive over a hotspot, the audio track starts over again.

if users listen to the entire text, you can still use the oncomplete function, but very often the entire audio file is not played.

does anyone have an idea how to integrate some kind of pause function.

of course it is possible to use audio hotspots that you can start with oncklick and also set them to pause. but that would be an inelegant compromise.

thanks for help klaus



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Thursday, June 1st 2023, 1:50pm


Doesn't work pause/resume sound +id for you?
Maybe onover play (if not ispaused) else resume.
Onout pause.

Tuur *thumbsup*


Saturday, June 3rd 2023, 8:21am

play sound at hotspot

dear tuur

pleas have a look to the example below.

the virtual tour starts with classic texts that are stored in the hotspots...
you can activate the audio tour in the panorama window on the right.

a solution should fit well into the system and, of course, also run on mobile phones.

thank you for now