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Friday, June 2nd 2023, 4:30pm

VR central cursor is off center

Hello guys! I have noticed in my tours when I enter in VR mode that the central cursor is a little off center.

Here's an example

As you can see in the link abode, The right eye is a little to the left when comparing to the left eye.



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Friday, June 2nd 2023, 4:47pm

I think that is normal because of the stereo rendering, there is always a little shift needed to create the 3D effect.


Monday, June 5th 2023, 10:08am


rights, that's the stereo-separation - the larger the left/right offset the more 'near' appears the object.

The resulting separation depends on the 3d position (ath,atv,depth,tx,ty,tz) and the display/vr settings:

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