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Sunday, July 26th 2009, 9:50am

Stealing Panos


I'm sure this has been discussed before, but in much more detail than I understand. Can someone steal my online panos?

I have my panos on my own dedicated server. I use multires tools to create the folder that I then upload to the server.

So, can someone steal them for their own use? I don't see how, but maybe I'm not clever enough. If they can, how do I easily protect them. I have read about the new krprotect, but I am only interested in preventing the stealing of the entire pano. Is there an easier way? If someone wants my .xml that's ok. I just don't want to see my entire pano on another site, or offered for download, etc. If krprotect is the best way, then I will give it a try.



Sunday, July 26th 2009, 1:04pm

if somebody wants to steal, he always can do :)

I could see your xml if I want and then download all of your multires-images (because the path to the images is in the xml file) and upload it to my server.
If you use kprotect I could download the .swf and upload the flash-file onto my server and show your pano there. But I think in kprotect is a function that the pano only works on one domain. So I would do this - think its the best protection.
But everything what is made by humans can be hacked by humans :)



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Sunday, July 26th 2009, 5:34pm

yes that true Marc...


Sunday, July 26th 2009, 9:23pm

Thanks Guys,

But if I am using some plugins (like sound), and buttons, etc. - then won't the thief have to download all those files as well, along with the krpano license? I am assuming the answer is yes.

So, is it correct to assume that although it could be stolen, it would not be your normal computer user that would be able to easily steal it simply by using a flash movie copier, or those softwares I see that can copy flash movies like appear on uTube.

If I use krprotect, can I still play the pano locally?


Monday, July 27th 2009, 12:46am

It's always just a question of motivation and effort required. Why would someone want to steal your work ? If it's to claim that this is their work then that's a silly plan because they're not going to be able to reproduce the same quality if they do get a job. If it's just because it looks good, well there's not much to be done against that. But the situation is much worse for plain pictures and videos - they're far easier to steal.


Friday, July 31st 2009, 6:12pm

If I use krprotect, can I still play the pano locally?

there is a an option in the tool to disable local/offline usage,
just check the "[x] Disable Local / Offline Usage" checkbox,

when everything is embeded (and also domain limited), then the content is relativly safe!
the swf, if it will be downloaded, can't be used locally or on a other domain/website,

and about image stealing - for a common user it will be very hard to extract the images from tge swf, a normal/typical flash decompiler or resource extractor will not be able to extract it!

and the next beta release will also support encryption (for embedded and external files),
then it will be even more harder

best regards,


Thursday, October 17th 2019, 12:10pm

Download photos from karpano

Hello friends
How do I download photos from a site that uses karpano?
is it possible?

I want to download from this site


Thursday, October 17th 2019, 12:26pm

ask dirsi360 if they give it to you !


Saturday, October 19th 2019, 10:18am

ask dirsi360 if they give it to you !
No they don't.
But I just want to get this site on local



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Saturday, October 19th 2019, 3:43pm

No they don't
If they don't just pass your way...
Do you really believe we are going to teach you how to steal panos ???

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