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Monday, July 28th 2014, 1:09pm

Bing map, some spots missing

When using the Bing maps plugin, I have defined a number of spots (see code below) but they do not always appear as my designated PNG graphic but as the default style instead. There are three which are frequently missing, those named lochinchfront, lochinchback and courtyard. On the odd occasion they will appear.....

Latest bing plugin and KRPano versions being used.

Any suggestions or am I missing the obvious?


Source code

				<layer name="skin_map" state="closed" url="" flash_url="%SWFPATH%/plugins/bingmaps.swf" html5_url="%SWFPATH%/plugins/bingmaps.js" visible="false" align="lefttop" width="100%" height="50%" x="0" y="0" zorder="1" lat="54.90475522617335" lng="-4.949083328247069" zoom="16" bgalpha="0" maptype="satellite" onmapready="skin_addmapspots();">				<maptypecontrol visible="true" align="righttop" x="5" y="5" buttonalign="v" />					<radar visible="false" headingoffset="0" />					<spotstyle name="DEFAULT"   url="vtourskin_mapspot.png" activeurl="vtourskin_mapspotactive.png" edge="bottom" x="-5" y="-8" scale="1" />					<spot name="lochinchfront"  url="entrance.png" lat="54.91435280037394" lng="-4.955756664276108" heading="0" active="false" onover="" onhover="" onout=""   onclick="loadscene(lochinchcastle, null, MERGE, BLEND(1)); skin_showmap();" />					<spot name="lochinchback"   url="entrance.png" lat="54.915348748540985" lng="-4.956193864345551" heading="0" active="false" onover="" onhover="" onout=""  onclick="loadscene(lochinchcastleb, null, MERGE, BLEND(1)); skin_showmap();" />					<spot name="courtyard"      url="entrance.png" lat="54.91511749342364" lng="-4.9549573659896895" heading="0" active="false" onover="" onhover="" onout="" onclick="loadscene(courtyard, null, MERGE, BLEND(1)); skin_showmap();" />					<spot name="blackloch"      url="mountmalborough.png" lat="54.91128993188312" lng="-4.949131608009348" heading="0" active="false" onover="" onhover="" onout=""  onclick="loadscene(blackloch, null, MERGE, BLEND(1)); skin_showmap();" />					<spot name="lillypond"      url="roundpond.png" lat="54.909935488626495" lng="-4.949281811714189" heading="0" active="false" onover="" onhover="" onout=""       onclick="loadscene(roundpond, null, MERGE, BLEND(1)); skin_showmap();" />					<spot name="oldcastle"      url="castlekennedy.png" lat="54.90744986309909" lng="-4.949155747890471" heading="0" active="false" onover="" onhover="" onout=""    onclick="loadscene(castlekennedy, null, MERGE, BLEND(1)); skin_showmap();" />					<spot name="walledgarden"   url="walledgarden.png" lat="54.906748247474184" lng="-4.9491477012634295" heading="0" active="false" onover="" onhover="" onout=""   onclick="loadscene(walledgarden, null, MERGE, BLEND(1)); skin_showmap();" />					<spot name="viewtolochinch" url="monkeypuzzleave.png" lat="54.912602893669685" lng="-4.953468739986424" heading="0" active="false" onover="" onhover="" onout="" onclick="loadscene(monkey, null, MERGE, BLEND(1)); skin_showmap();" />					<spot name="whiteloch"      url="entrance.png" lat="54.900578804220615" lng="-4.950628280639655" heading="0" active="false" onover="" onhover="" onout=""        onclick="loadscene(whiteloch, null, MERGE, BLEND(1)); skin_showmap();" />					<spot name="canal"          url="canalbridge.png" lat="54.90606666630111" lng="-4.945612549781808" heading="0" active="false" onover="" onhover="" onout=""      onclick="loadscene(canalbridge, null, MERGE, BLEND(1)); skin_showmap();" />					<layer name="skin_map_zoom_in"  style="skin_base" visible="false" crop="9|512|46|64"  align="right" x="0" y="-40" zorder="2" ondown="layer[skin_map].zoomin();  skin_buttonglow(get(name));" onup="skin_buttonglow(null);" />					<layer name="skin_map_zoom_out" style="skin_base" visible="false" crop="73|512|46|64" align="right" x="0" y="+40" zorder="2" ondown="layer[skin_map].zoomout(); skin_buttonglow(get(name));" onup="skin_buttonglow(null);" />				</layer>


Tuesday, July 29th 2014, 2:00pm

Here is the tour in question to check....thanks.


Wednesday, July 30th 2014, 11:36am

An updated version is found here .

Further observations, when running the tour offline (i.e. the map tiles unable to load) all the spots load OK. Running on the local testing server tool and online the spots fail to load properly. On android there are a further 3 spots missing - at least on my Nexus 5 running Chrome.


Wednesday, July 30th 2014, 10:12pm


yes, that's strange, can you please send me the example with unencrypted xml files for testing.

Best regard,


Monday, August 11th 2014, 11:11am

Problem identified??

Hi Klaus,

I can affect the outcome of how the spots are displayed by changing the zoom level. Any spots that are not in view when the map loads appear as blue dots and those that are in view appear with their respective PNG file. I have the zoom level at 16 initially

e.g. If I change the zoom level to 12, all the spots are in view on initial loading and are labelled correctly. If I change the zoom level to 19 where none of the spots are in view, they all appear as blue dots.



Thursday, August 28th 2014, 12:32pm

Working? workaround

It appears that if you initially set a zoom level in which all spots are displayed and add a setzoom at your desired zoom level to the onmapready event after skin_addmapspots, they will display properly.

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