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Friday, August 7th 2015, 8:12pm

Manually resetting hlookat on VR?

Hello, Klaus, I have been working thoroughly to build a VR version of one of out biggest tours and it's almost done, the problem now is that my 50 scenes (the equirectangular images) when stitched were not aligned in relation to a common geographical north, so if the view is kept you might go in one direction, then change to a near scene and end up looking on a very diferent direction. That problem was solved on the non-vr tour using the variables on the loadscene action to make the new scene look in the appropriate direction depending on where you come from. On VR mode this doesn't work (1.19 pr2), I have tried so many ways of changing the hlookat of a scene without success so I was wondering if this is even possible, so far It looks like the VR plugin always keeps the view and if the scenes do not have a common north then you end up looking in strange directions, I even tried the lookat(); action to force the view to change without anything happening. The question then is simple: is there anyway to manually reset the viewing direction inside a scene in VR, preferably before loading it?

Thank you so much for the tireless efforts and improvements!


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Friday, August 7th 2015, 11:30pm

Hola Todos!

Today I found out that the latest Chromium build is not compatible with VR tours, as previous versions.

Does anyone know if there is a list of the currently compatible browser to show panoramas as VR content?

Thanks in advance
Have a look here :
Thanks, Benji!

Someday webvr will be standard (I hope).


Saturday, September 19th 2015, 11:34am

xin key

I want to ask a 19.1 Licens



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Saturday, September 19th 2015, 3:43pm



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Saturday, November 14th 2015, 10:31am

Krpano + S6 + gear innovator

I'm trying to make this work with Samsung Gear VR innovator edition for S6.

Using force I am able to press the phone (nearly) into place without connecting the USB, but it's not something I would recommend people to do. There is a chance something will break, and it's very obvious not the preferable solution.

Is there any simple way to bypass Samsungs autolaunch of the Oculus VR app, so the phone can be mounted and connected in a normal way?

Also, what is the recommended browser to use on Android?
Argh... I didn't see your message, Urke... And I juste received a S6 + Gear innovator and have the same problem. Did you find any solution for using S6 + innovator with Krpano ?

Any help welcome.

Best regards
Philippe - Newbie in krpano code but very interested in everything about Oculus and VR devices *w00t*

Cofounder of the Zooomez project - - map on this link
If you want to support our project, please like our Facebook page *thumbsup*


Saturday, November 14th 2015, 3:53pm

Argh... I didn't see your message, Urke... And I juste received a S6 + Gear innovator and have the same problem. Did you find any solution for using S6 + innovator with Krpano ?

Any help welcome.

Best regards
I am using GearVR for S6 and this is what I do

1. Download Package Disabler Pro from the play store
2. Launch Package Disabler Pro and search for "vrsvc" this is the Gear VR service
3. Disable it
4. Once that is disabled you should be able to browse to the tour you want and then insert your phone into the device.

That works for me, I hope it does for you
Thanks to "sachagriffin" on the forum who helped me with this