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Wednesday, September 23rd 2015, 3:40pm

HTML5 Multires Tutorial

Hi all,

Have been using Krpano for the last month and have got the full license for it as I think the software is awesome.

I have been developing a single multires panorama using the CYLINDER image and have everything working how I would like it to.

I have now come to cross browser testing and realised I have been developing using Flash rather than html5. Everything still seemed to work when I turned html5 on (html5:"always" in embedpano call) except the image. All I get is a black abyss. After reading a lot of the documentation and forums I understand I need to have a cube image set up for html5.

My first question is how to get a cube multires image? I have tried converting my original image using the sphere to cube droplet but then I get black at top and bottom and its also not multires.
My second question is how to use a CYLINDER image for flash and a CUBE image for html5. Just declaring two image elements doesn't seem to work for me.

Thanks in advance for any guidance and again, loving the software!! *thumbsup*

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Wednesday, September 23rd 2015, 3:58pm

Try converting your cylinder to equirectangular in ptgui.. then drop that onto vtour multi-res.. then you'll need to set your viewing limits so you can't see the black parts..
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Wednesday, September 23rd 2015, 5:11pm

Thanks for the quick reply sachafriffin.

Unfortunately I have never used the PTGUI software (although I have just downloaded it and will try to find my way around)

I have however managed to get an image that works and your limit suggestion was very helpful and has worked for me:

Source code

vlookatmin="-32" vlookatmax="+32" maxpixelzoom="1.0" fovmax="150" limitview="range"

This leads me to my second question however. Now when the Flash version runs I get a load of

Source code

ERROR: empty url

How should my image elements be set up so it uses cylinder for the flash and the cube for the html5?

Source code

	<image type="CYLINDER"  multires="true" tilesize="512" progressive="true">	 <level tiledimagewidth="27000" tiledimageheight="4840">	 <cylinder url="half-original.tiles/l4/%v/l4_%v_%h.jpg" />	 </level>	 <level tiledimagewidth="13500" tiledimageheight="2420">	 <cylinder url="half-original.tiles/l3/%v/l3_%v_%h.jpg" />	 </level>		<level tiledimagewidth="6750" tiledimageheight="1210">			<cylinder url="half-original.tiles/l2/%v/l2_%v_%h.jpg" />		</level>		<level tiledimagewidth="3376" tiledimageheight="606">			<cylinder url="half-original.tiles/l1/%v/l1_%v_%h.jpg" />		</level>			</image><image type="CUBE" multires="true" tilesize="512">		<level tiledimagewidth="8594" tiledimageheight="8594">			<cube url="half-original.cube/half-original.tiles/mres_%s/l5/%v/l5_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />		</level>		<level tiledimagewidth="4298" tiledimageheight="4298">			<cube url="half-original.cube/half-original.tiles/mres_%s/l4/%v/l4_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />		</level>		<level tiledimagewidth="2150" tiledimageheight="2150">			<cube url="half-original.cube/half-original.tiles/mres_%s/l3/%v/l3_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />		</level>		<level tiledimagewidth="1024" tiledimageheight="1024">			<cube url="half-original.cube/half-original.tiles/mres_%s/l2/%v/l2_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />		</level>		<level tiledimagewidth="512" tiledimageheight="512">			<cube url="half-original.cube/half-original.tiles/mres_%s/l1/%v/l1_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />		</level>		<mobile>			<cube url="half-original.cube/half-original.tiles/mobile_%s.jpg" />		</mobile>	</image>