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Thursday, January 14th 2016, 6:17pm

TourCreator - new GUI for krpano now available

Hi to all!
We want to present to you the new WYSIWYG editor for krpano- TourCreator
Free trial version

What the Light version do:
  1. Create/open virtual tour.
  2. Creates the different graphical layout to the tour's interface. Six variants available.
  3. Order different appearance of the interface elements..
  4. Creates
    2-level menu (horizontal, vertical, adapted) with 7 different actions
    (including custom action) on each the menu and submenu item click.
  5. Allows
    to place hotspots in the panoramas with different images and 7
    different actions (including custom action) on the hotspot click.
  6. Allows to quickly create interactive map in the tour.
  7. Allows to quickly create local maps (plans) in the tour. The quantaty of the plans are not restricted.
  8. Allows to add texts, images, sound, video and other kinds of information
  9. Prepare and publish the tour with the 3 protect levels

TourCreator is an easy-to-use , and high-performance professional
software to create and edit Interactive Virtual Tours that can be shows
on all type of the devices: computers, tablets, smartphones.
This is
the WYSIWYG editor with intuitive interface that allow to create tour
in a few clicks. All elements and functions you add, you can see in your tour (or single spherical panorama) immediately after you save your changes or after you reload tour.
Tours works stable both on html5 and on flash.
All types of the devices: computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.
You can show interactive virtual tours on all types of the operation systems (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.)
Support all browsers.
Supports different screen resolutions.
You can create tour in fully automatic regime, without any programming skills.

This program will be also useful for professionals. Accelerate your
work. This program is the xml editor. You can make the basic work in
the TourCreator and then add any custom functions you need. No
restrictions for krpano (only reserved names).
Tours created in TourCreator automatically adapted for different systems, devices and screen sizes.
Different skin designes . All elements are automatically adapted for selected skin.
Three levels to protect your tour.

The program consists of the set of instruments (editors). You use
only those of them, you need. And at the time, that you need.
Open/Create editor
Common Settings editor
Menu editor
Hotspot editor
Scene editor
Interactive Map Editor
Local Map Editor
Publication Editor

You can create in TourCreator all interface of the tour. Or only
add function that you need at this time. Come back later and edit your
This is the WYSIWYG editor for krpano with intuitive
interface that allow you to use all capacity of this program. You buy
krpano license from krpano and then use TourCreator. Use the version of
krpano you like. Update your version when you need. Edit xml if you
need. Add custom functions. No restrictions for krpano (only reserved

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Saturday, January 16th 2016, 8:41pm

Available free trial version for TourCreator
Trial version have all functions of the TourCreator Light. No restrictions, only watermarks that appears in panoramas. They can be removed, when you buy the program.


Wednesday, February 24th 2016, 3:13pm

Corretly dont work trial version


Wednesday, February 24th 2016, 5:29pm

To test tours both on HTML5 and Flash, Flash player must be installed on your computer.
You can read it when download program.


Wednesday, February 24th 2016, 6:07pm

Flash player installed on system.

Components of the browser being used?
Installed and used google chrome browser.
He built a flush and also the support of the same web-Sec and html5
Therefore, the question is still open
Maybe even a component or software should be placed?


Wednesday, February 24th 2016, 8:07pm

It look like very strange. This message appears when you have no Flash Player on your system. We met with the situation when flash was installed on Internet Explorer, not on the whole system.
It is very interesting for us.
You can write me private message. I'll contact with you, and we shall look what happened on your computer.


Monday, March 28th 2016, 6:38pm

16.03.2016 Version 2.1 light
New features:
  • Work with krpano 1.19.3 and higher
  • VR mode support
  • Support 5 default krpano skins and 6 default TourCreator skins for version 1.19 and higher.
  • Support 1 default krpano skins and 6 default TourCreator skins for version 1.18 and elder.
  • Support TourCreator functions - menu, infoboxes, images, plans, maps - with default krpano skins.
  • Hotspot editor completely rewritten.
  • Improved placement and edit of hotspots.
  • Full compatibility of TourCreator hotspot editor with krpano tour_editor. You can place hotspots in krpano and then edit them in TourCreator.
  • Standard behavior of hotspots with linked scenes.
  • Improved skins layout on mobile devices (iphones, androids, windows phones).
  • Upgraded select scene tool.
  • Fixed bugs with UpperCase names.


Saturday, April 2nd 2016, 1:34pm

Video lesson: How to change design in virtual tour with TourCreator
The example demonstrate the usage of 11 available skins:


Tuesday, April 12th 2016, 10:17pm

New Version 2.2 light
  • Upgrade to new version krpano 1.19.4
  • 12 skins for krpano 1.19 and higher.
  • 7 skins for version 1.18 and elder.
  • New features in external view: Edit xml in your default xml editor. Don't stop work in TourCreator.
  • Edit hotspots from tour_editor.

Video lesson: How to add, edit and delete hotspots in virtual tours with TourCreator
Video lesson: How to Open virtual tour in TourCreator

Video lesson: How to Create virtual tour in TourCreator



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Tuesday, April 12th 2016, 10:37pm

Plugin or tool

Isn't this more of a KRpano tool subject instead of plugins?


Wednesday, April 13th 2016, 8:40pm

Tours Creator is GUI for krpano. I use it since January. On one side it is very easy in work and on the other it allows to create tour interface that satisfies all my customers.
I'm not strong in programming. But TourCreator allows me not to do this job. I'm simply adds functions and they are working. This make my work very fast.
But I have enough experience to add xml and js plugins, and I can say that you can do it very easy in these tours. Xml look like very familiar, if you have ever use krpano.


Thursday, April 14th 2016, 7:50pm

Isn't this more of a KRpano tool subject instead of plugins?
TourCreator is wysiwyg editor for krpano. So it is tool.
On the other hand it is the set of different plugins for krpano.
For example, drop-down menu editor is the xml plugin that insert in your xml the following code:

Source code

<layer name="mainmenu" type="container" width="100%" height="100%" zorder="-1" keep="true" visible="true" groupcount="4" orientmenu="h">    <layer name="menu1" html="About Hotel" style="uppermenustyle" width="120" onclick="opensubmenu();" countsubmenu="3" submenuwidth="150">      <layer name="menu1s1" html="Show info" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="infoboxHS(info1);" />      <layer name="menu1s2" html="Show on map" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="skin_showmap();" />      <layer name="menu1s3" html="Reception" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_100,null,merge,blend(1));" />    </layer>    <layer name="menu2" html="Rooms" style="uppermenustyle" width="120" onclick="opensubmenu();" countsubmenu="6" submenuwidth="150">      <layer name="menu2s1" html="Royal Suite" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_706p1,null,merge,blend(1));" />      <layer name="menu2s2" html="Presidentail Suite" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_606p2,null,merge,blend(1));" />      <layer name="menu2s3" html="Executive Suites 1" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_506p3,null,merge,blend(1));" />      <layer name="menu2s4" html="Executive Suites 2" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_406p3,null,merge,blend(1));" />      <layer name="menu2s5" html="Superior Rooms" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_414p1,null,merge,blend(1));" />      <layer name="menu2s6" html="Standard Rooms" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_420,null,merge,blend(1));" />    </layer>    <layer name="menu3" html="Restaurants" style="uppermenustyle" width="120" onclick="opensubmenu();" countsubmenu="4" submenuwidth="177">      <layer name="menu3s1" html="Emerald Restaurant" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_r01,null,merge,blend(1));" />      <layer name="menu3s2" html="Versailles Restaurant" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_r02,null,merge,blend(1));" />      <layer name="menu3s3" html="Gzhel Restaurant" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_r03,null,merge,blend(1));" />      <layer name="menu3s4" html="Lobby bar" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_r04,null,merge,blend(1));" />    </layer>    <layer name="menu4" html="Conference Rooms" style="uppermenustyle" width="154" onclick="opensubmenu();" countsubmenu="3" submenuwidth="180">      <layer name="menu4s1" html="Alexandrite Hall" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_p01,null,merge,blend(1));" />      <layer name="menu4s2" html="Amethyst Hall" style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_p03,null,merge,blend(1));" />      <layer name="menu4s3" html="Diamond Hall " style="uppersubmenustyle" onclick="loadscene(scene_p04,null,merge,blend(1));" />    </layer>  </layer>

You see that you can edit open source in any xml editor, change menu texts, onclick actions, width, style, etc.

The hotspot editor place the following code:

Source code

    <hotspot name="hs1" url="hotspot/hs5.png" ath="-151.7023722160538" atv="27.04992267385369" linkedscene="scene_606p2" alpha="1" style="stylehs" />    <hotspot name="hs2" url="hotspot/hs5.png" ath="-85.49786743029449" atv="20.932645999635675" linkedscene="scene_606p1" alpha="1" style="stylehs" />

The same thing - simple to edit.

The image-map navigation editor produce the following:

Source code

<layer name="mapPlan" type="container" width="100%" height="100%" y="45" zorder="-1" keep="true" visible="false">    <plugin name="closeMapPlan" url="img/krest.png" align="topright" x="0" y="0" onclick="set(plugin[mapPlan].visible,false);" />    <plugin name="mapplanactivespot" url="img/mappointactive.png" align="center" scale.desktop="0.5""1.0" scale.tablet="0.75" zorder="3" edge="center" visible="false" />    <layer name="map01" url="image/plan1.png" align="center" x="0" y="0" scalechildren="true" visible="false">      <layer name="map01s1" style="mapspotstyle" x="237" y="89" showscene="scene_706p1" />      <layer name="map01s2" style="mapspotstyle" x="374" y="177" showscene="scene_706p3" />      <layer name="map01s3" style="mapspotstyle" x="235" y="211" showscene="scene_706p2" />      <layer name="map01s4" style="mapspotstyle" x="95" y="150" showscene="scene_706p4" />      <layer name="map01s5" style="mapspotstyle" x="106" y="221" showscene="scene_706p5" />    </layer>      </layer>  <style name="mapspotstyle" url="img/mappoint.png" align="topleft" scale.desktop="0.5""1.0" scale.tablet="0.75" zorder="2" edge="center" onhover="if(skin_settings.tooltips_mapspots==true,showtext(get(scene[get(showscene)].title)););" onclick="loadscene(get(layer[get(name)].showscene),null,merge,blend(0.5));" />

The close part of these plugins are placed in 3 files (for security reasons): useeds.xml, vtourskin.xml and classiceds.js This is usual practice for all krpano plugins.

We also use and install in tour different krpano plugins. For example, textfield, soundinterface, videoplayer, googlemaps (for those who have license) and so on.
And of course, you can use any plugin from the krpano set (free or commercial) and write your own. Install it by usual way.


Saturday, May 21st 2016, 11:34pm

21.05.2016 Version 3.1 light

  • New internal browser agent.
    1. html5 as the basic testing mode.
    2. Available all html5 functions during testing.
    3. Speed up the working flow.
    4. Upgrade viewer to the selected krpano version on start.
    5. Press one button and select html file to open tour.
    6. No need to start krpano testing server.
    7. If your default browser does not support html5, it can't open
      tour during work in Tour Creator. Either publish tour or exit

  • Windows XP does not support from this version.
  • Video lessons: "How to create tour", "How to open tour" are outdated. New lessons coming soon.
  • Some materials on site are outdated. New lessons coming soon.
  • Audio becomes available, when you publish tour or test it in external browser.
  • Improvements in usability.