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Montag, 14. November 2016, 11:46

Enter VR mode by clicking VR icon - skip any thumbnails

Hi all

I have a KRPANO license as well as a Panotour License

I need to edit my XML files to go straigh into VR when clicking the VR icon. Panotour says it's a KRPANo issue and they don't support editing XML files.
Panotour created a tour which when I click VR icon, it 1st displays and overlay with a thumbnail and then I have to click again to enter VR. I DON'T WANT that overlay and thumbnail and want to immediately enter VR when clicking VR icon.

Do I just have to edit the tour_core_vr.xml file? Which part do I edit and to what do I edit it to?


Montag, 14. November 2016, 15:50

Panotour says it's a KRPANo issue
When they really said it's a krpano issue, then they are wrong of course (but I hope they know better ;-)).

The design to have two different tours - a normal one and a VR one - is only a Panotour-design related thing, that has nothing todo with krpano itself! E.g. the krpano 'vtour' tours are working completely differently - there is only one tour and switching between normal and VR viewing is anytime directly possible.

About editing xml files - the xml files are not directly a part of krpano - they are custom and tell the krpano viewer what to do. E.g. the 'tour_core_vr.xml' file is generated by Panotour, it's not an original krpano file. Therefore I also can't tell you want or how to change anything there...

Best regards,


Montag, 14. November 2016, 23:03

OK so I got as far as editing the panotour "tour_core_vr.xml" file
on line 615
I changed: "set(layer[webvr_enterbutton].onclick, webvr.toggleVR() ;set(visible, false); );"
to: "set(layer[webvr_enterbutton].visible, false); webvr.toggleVR() ;set(visible, false); "

This ALMOST works. On mobile it now enters VR, although NOT fullscreen
On desktop it enters, NOT fullscreen and I can't move around, it just shows static left/right images

Can anybody help please?!?

Panotour didn't directly say it's a KRpano issue. They did say however I'm free to edit the build but they can't give KRpano support. That to me says they are saying it's not their problem.
Follow the discussion here:…=34080&p=191149


Dienstag, 15. November 2016, 12:31

So the Kolor Panotour guys are unwilling to help.

Looks like I will just have to start from scratch purely with KRPano. I looked at the STereo WebVR example that is installed with KRPano. I see the stereo tags and labels added in the XML, however that is only a single resolution. How would the code look like, if it was multi-resolution and for example 3 panos linked together with hotspots?


Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2017, 22:17

Figured it out

I have been trying to solve this one for a while. Finally figured it out. You need to make some adjustments to the tour_core_vr.xml file.

BUT... the first thing to know is why the screen is there in the first place. Many implementations of WebVR (GearVR, Oculus, or Vive) require user interaction to initiate VR (ie. a button press). It will not allow the VR page to auto-start programmatically, the user actually has to click a button, hence the annoying start screen. But, if your users are using mobile devices in cardboard VR type setups then you can remove the start screen and still be just fine.

To remove the start screen and go straight into VR:

In the tour_core_vr.xml file, around line 813 you need to remove the code that adds the menu layers to the scene. Remove the entire layer entry for "webvr_enterbutton" and its children. In my case it was everything from line 813-848. Then you need to search for and remove all references to this layer and its children. Search for each of these terms and remove every line they appear in:


Now find the webvr_onavailable action (mine was line 708). Add webvr.enterVR(); after webvr.loadsettings();

Your webvr_onavailable action should look like this:


        <action name="webvr_onavailable">


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