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Dienstag, 28. März 2017, 18:23

simultaneously playing multiple VR videos?

Hi all,

I'm working on a "dashboard" webapp where we play 360 degree videos using an html5 embedded krpano player. I can play them in either fisheye view, or a dewarped VR view where the user can drag with their mouse to set the POV for video playback. This is similar to some of the demos, but with videos instead of a single picture.

I've gotten some requests to be able to view/play the same 360 video side by side with two different POV's.

I can embed two krpano players, and play the same video well in both panes, for non 360 videos. The playback becomes pretty laggy for one or both players, with a pretty poor overall experience, though, when I use 2 VR views. This bad playback happens even when the krpano players are relatively small, I see significant delays and "frame jumping" even at approx 300x400 px each. None of this poor playback happens with a single player embedded on the page, even when playing in VR mode.

Each embedded player has a scene with a video plugin.
For the sake of mobile compatibility, we're disabling the flash plugin, and using the JS player interface.

Is there a better or higher-performance way to do this? Do you need to see some sample/example code? :)

thanks in advance for any advice/tips you can give,