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Sonntag, 16. April 2017, 22:52

Is there a way to customize placeholders in .config file?

I have a nice script that automates a lot of the processing needed to create tours, and one thing that would really be useful is if I could create a custom placeholder for use with krpanotools.exe.
For example, thinking along the lines of doing something similar in linux w/ Environmental variables:
I'd have a custom config file named custom.config, but I'd replace %INPUTPATH% with %MYCUSTOMVAR%, allowing the following line to tile panos into /mnt/tiles_storage:


# export MYCUSTOMVAR=/mnt/tiles_storage; /krpano/krpanotools makepano -config=/krpano/templates/custom.config /panos/*.tif

My goal is to allow the script to grab the tour name early-on, then use that string as part of the destination path. The only way I can see to do this now, is to manually set each of the 5 path variables separately on the command line (below example only has one such path shown):


/krpano/krpanotools makepano -config=/krpano/templates/vtour-multires.config -tilepath='/a/b/c/...' /panos/*.tif

I can use relative file paths based off of %INPUTPATH%, but that doesn't help me when I'm using another destination.
Unless I'm missing something simple?
Oh, and yes, I could simply add another line in the script to move the tiles over to another location, after makepano does it's thing, but part of the goal here is to keep the tiles off my working drive, since they are incredibly bulky, and take a long time to delete, etc. Each tile folder contains 429 files and 103 folders! It can take HOURS to delete an entire tour's tiles directory from my hard drive *sleeping*

Thanks for any pointers, and let me know if I need to be more clear on any of the above! *smile*