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Friday, May 5th 2017, 3:39pm

Issue playing video on Mobile (But working on PC)

Hallo there!,

Today, again, I can't continue and find an answer by myself, so I come here looking for your help!.

Look, I have a normal tour, and in one of the scenes I have a video, added in 2 ways!: When it's in non-vr mode, it displays the video as a layer with overlay (based on the example, and used a copy of the videoplayer.xml used there), and in case that the user is in VR mode, it displays the video as a hotspot.

So, currently, it's working perfect on PC, pretty good and smooth, but when I try it on mobile, it captures the click event, and open the video but the video don't start playing, not even if I click again the video (both of them have this same problem, VR and Non-VR videos), just when I click it (tap the screen, even in VR) like 3 times, it starts playing!, and that's driving me crazy and can't figure out why is it happening!.

Here is the code of the scene with the videos:


<scene name="P6" thumburl="thumbs/P6.jpg" title="Epo-Halle"><include url="videoPlayer.xml"/>		<view fovtype="VFOV" fov="90" fovmin="40" fovmax="150" /><image stereo="true" stereoformat="TB">			<sphere url="panos/P6.jpg"/>		</image>				<hotspot name="normal_video_spot" url="'%SWFPATH%/videos/P6.jpg" scale="0.5" zoom="true" ath="0" atv="0" distorted="true" onclick="looktohotspot(get(name),90); videoplayer_open('%SWFPATH%/videos/P6.mp4', '%SWFPATH%/videos/P6.jpg', 0.5);"/>						<hotspot width="50%" height="prop" visible="false" name="vr_video_spot" url.html5="%SWFPATH%/plugins/videoplayer.js" url.flash="%SWFPATH%/plugins/videoplayer.swf" posterurl="'%SWFPATH%/videos/P6.jpg" videourl="%SWFPATH%/videos/P6.mp4" distorted="true" ath="0"  atv="0" edge="center" scale="1.0" rx="0" ry="0" rz="0" x="0" oy="0" loop="true" pausedonstart="true" onclick="togglepause();"/>				<events name="temp_scene_event" keep="true" onloadcomplete="toggle_videos();"/>				<action name="toggle_videos">			if(webvr.isenabled,				set(hotspot[normal_video_spot].visible, false);				set(hotspot[vr_video_spot].visible, true);			,				set(hotspot[normal_video_spot].visible, true);				set(hotspot[vr_video_spot].visible, false);			);		</action>	</scene>

I've tried creating triggering manually the play event in the onclick event, tried with the touchworkaround="true", tried with different videos in different resolutions, tried writing it again just in case there was some silly error I didn't notice... but still, nothing works!.

Thank you for your help!