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Dienstag, 26. September 2017, 10:08

Changing the videopano's source on Android Chrome is not working


We're building a Virtual Tour using 360 video. I have an audio track and the current progress of this track defines which video source to show. These two need to be separate, as when the audio is paused, we need the video to continue looping. There are multiple ways to change the progress of the video, through audio progressing normally and hitting milestones, through the scrubber on the bottom, or via the backwards and forwards arrows.
I have populated the current version with some videos we already have, so it may all seem a little random.

On desktop, these video sources load seamlessly, with all of the methods of changing soures. However support on mobile is inconsistent. On iOS, strangely, it works how it should. On Android, the only way the video source will update is if you allow the audio to progress normally. Scrubbing a position on the timeline, or using the backwards and forwards arrows, requests the new video source with KRP, but this request isn't fulfilled and never returns as ready.

I set up trace() calls when the video is requested, and when the video is ready. As you can see with the example link below.

I have been testing on an iPhone 7 with Safari 10.3.3, a Google Pixel with Chrome 60, and A Samsung Galaxy S6 with Chrome 61.

Test Link

If you have any questions, please let me know.


I'm aware it's probably a mobile user gesture issue, how mobile gernarally needs a click event to play audio. But it's weird on this with the natural timeline changing the source working fine, and the click events not.

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