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Samstag, 23. Dezember 2017, 08:15

About little green console-menu

Hi, I noted that if the console it actived (o Key) there is new menu that it activate when press D key. This simple green menu show it a LAYER and HOTSPOT texts. At click this texts, are visible a green rectangle around all layers/hotspots in stage. (too to press L key, it show layers, and H key, the hotspots)

My questions:
1) There is more info about this new feature?
2) There is any property relative to it for coding?

My idea is try to show the names of layer/hotspot (near to green rectangle) at press a hotkey as help to coding.

Best Regards,



Samstag, 23. Dezember 2017, 09:07

you can also show the console at the top or at the bottom since 1.19pr13 or 14
but you cant show the layer names

depending on the layer structure this wouldn't be easy to read,
where would you put the names? centered, lefttop?
often they are on top of each other, then you cant read it at all

for debugging you could do that yourself though
i'd do a loop going through layers and add a small text layer with the name
something like


for(i=0,i LT layer.count, inc(i),
  txtadd(tl, get(layer[get(i)].name), '_title');
  copy(layer[get(tl)].parent, layer[get(i)].name);
  set(layer[get(tl)].type, 'text');
  set(layer[get(tl)].width, '100%');
  set(layer[get(tl)].height, '100%');
  set(layer[get(tl)].align, 'lefttop');
  copy(layer[get(tl)].html, layer[get(i)].name);
  set(layer[get(tl)].css, 'text-align:left;font-size:6px;padding:5px;');
... etc, maybe set a border, too...

note, this is untested, just for the idea

now if you want a christmas project,
you could do a 2nd loop, checking if any titles are overlapping :)

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Samstag, 23. Dezember 2017, 19:26

Thanks very much Index.
My question was about internal green feature, I miss a shift+L to show the layer names, very useful for coding, To show layer without name layer are not that useful. Then I wanted something:

If the green box is active then if key shift+L is press show it the layer name, as a internal feature.... But the green box is not something: no name, no touch, no object, no event relative to it. it doesn't belong to the stage.

Your solution works, of course, and it is good, but is not related to the green rectangles features. The green layer/hotspot rectangle is a good feature but limited, I thought I'd missed any hide code for reveal name.

Maybe @klaus could add a code for it.

Very grateful,