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Montag, 28. Mai 2018, 07:58

add hotspot URL link

I want to show an example of creating URL links for hotspots and creating hotspot animations.

3d tour
  • Creating hotspots in browser.
  • Ability to create, delete, copy hotspots.
  • Positioning hotspot with mouse, selecting hotspot image in Explorer window.
  • Enter name of hotspot. Appears when you hover mouse over hotspot.
  • Advanced settings - ability to change the scale, transparency, rotation along axes x,y,z. Also you can make their actions in onover, onhover, onclick, onout.
  • Assign hotspots to open URL links in a new window, in the current window, in frame.
  • Create a list of url links to specific places in a tour with a given viewing angle. Gives able move to a specific place in the tour from external resources.
  • Prepare a hot spot for opening photos.
  • Prepare a hot spot for opening video file.
  • Prepare a hot spot for opening youtube link.
  • Opening Editor to enter the PIN code allows editing on a remote server (Customer's server).
  • Plugin has a drop-down list of created hotspots. Click on the name of hotspots opens view of this hotspots.
  • Possible to search for hotspots using its name.
  • Easy connection.
  • Edit and save without editing code in main xml file.
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Montag, 4. Juni 2018, 07:03

Very interesting plugin! And very useful.
I was lucky enough to participate in process of creation and testing. Everything works as stated. And it is very convenient. There is no need to write many lines of code if there are many scenes and hotspots. If you want to insert many images, you can put them in WYSIWYG mode - is very quickly and correctly. I also thought it was important. The plugin works with html and video windows - it's cool and modern!


Dienstag, 5. Juni 2018, 12:35

Klaus, Constantine, thank you for rating! This is a good incentive *smile* !
I plan to add more tabs to create a video-hotspot and an audio-hotspot.
I moved the theme to user plugins, come here

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