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Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018, 17:39

Oculus GO: Working Apache PHP Mysql server


There were a few people asking how to get a internal web server running on the Oculus Go in another thread After a few hours I got it sorted. A little involved but worth it. Load times have reduced dramatically.


1 Install Oculus TV
2. Install adb drivers
3. Sideload Kodi
4. Sideload ksweb
5. Set up servers (http ftp etc )
6. Enjoy.


1. Install Oculus TV via Store.
2. Lots of guides around to tell you how to sideload.
3. Apps not created for Android TV do not show up as "installed apps" Running them from within Kodi gets around this.
4. There are a few android servers apps around ksweb seems good.

You will need the apk. ( google ksweb server apk)
Sideload using same process as 2. above.

5. Inside of Oculus Go . Start up Oculus TV. Scroll down and open Kodi. Left hand menu. Addons then Android Apps . Look for KSWEB

Setup new user for FTP access. ( I changed the "Path to external storage" in setting so ftp can access http root.)

Upload files viea you favorite ftp app. (filezilla of course) View in Browser localhost:8080

I have only just got this going so still have a lot of testing to do. Really keen to see how it handles video. Also php.

Pretty excited. Good luck

Visual Effects:
Virtual Tours :


Montag, 16. Juli 2018, 11:37

Fantastic idea Mike!

I've tryed using another Web Server app that I've used many times with VRGear:…5/download.html
Obviously I've bought the App many month ago, so I think is not a wrong use of software, right?
And it works!

Fantastic, so now is possible to run krpano tours inside Oculus Go stored them locally.Great and many compliments for the idea.


Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2019, 22:21

here is another link (with sideloading tool)…-apk-oculus-go/