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Montag, 30. Juli 2018, 11:48

Creating Floor Plans.

Hi, this is a plugin for creating floor plans and placing points with radars.

  • All work is done in browser window and does not require writing and editing code.
  • Create a plan or several floor plans, enter name of the floor
  • A drop-down list of floor plans.
  • Customize window with the plan (location, size, positioning, show / hide at startup).
  • Customize design of the window with the plan (color, transparency, curb, rounding, shadow).
  • Presence of a compass in a window with a plan and a viewing window, the ability to show / hide or disable compass.
  • Creating points with radars on plans, selecting images of points before and after viewing the scene, setting the scale of the point.
  • Introduction of scene captions - appear when pointing (the option to be turned off), on the transition arrows, in the thumbnail bar (depends on the settings of the built-in design).
  • Effect of moving. When switching to the next scene, the direction of view and the viewing angle are preserved.
  • Image of the plan is scaled relative to location of cursor on plan and not relative to center of plan (the place under cursor is not shifted to side). Image of plan is moved by mouse inside the window.
  • When you move to the next scene, plan is automatically centered in the window relative to the spot in this scene.
  • The window with plan can be moved around screen and resized by pulling mouse over the corner of window. You do not need to specify coordinates and size of window. Just save in the selected position.
How to use -

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Montag, 20. August 2018, 08:07

Using the plugin.
An example of a tour with an apartment plan:


Mittwoch, 7. November 2018, 17:28

Made some changes to the plugin
  • Added a button to select the opening scene when switching between plans.
  • Added the button "collapse plan by clicking in the empty space of the screen" (Yes/no).
  • Added the button "expand the plan when hovering the mouse over the button to open the plan" (Yes/no).
  • Added the ability to select the icons of the image points before and after viewing the scene individually for each point.
  • Added the ability to zoom the icon for each point.
  • Fixed some bugs in the executing code.