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Freitag, 15. März 2019, 18:52

How To Create Panorama Tour Virtual 3D - With Panotour Pro

Good afternoon everyone,

My name is angel andres I am interested in buying your license so that the final product is shown in this URL. Can you help me indicate the software needed to create this final product? *confused* *confused*…lla/alella.html

Thank you,


Donnerstag, 21. März 2019, 22:34


No answer... Maybe the question is not clear.

Here we are on krpano forum.
The visit at the URL you mention was created with Panotour. Panotour was something like a User Interface to configure the krpano viewer, so you could build nice visits without coding knowledge. It was the property of Kolor, acquired by GoPro, and Panotour has never been sold here. Anyway Kolor does not exist anymore and Panotour is not sold anymore.

You can still get the krpano license, but that won't get you any UI, you''ll have to get into the code until another team creates an alternative to Panotour.

If you want to build a similar visit:
- you will most likely have to contact a professionnal who already owns Panotour, there are plenty around the globe I believe (this forum may be some way to contact them, if you ask)
- train yourself to krpano (meaning no simplified UI)
- use the dark side of the force (starts with a 't' and finishes with 'orrent' )

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Freitag, 22. März 2019, 10:34

Hi angel andres

lerayfle is right but not quite. Panotour is gone but there are alternatives. Our CMS4VR system or Virtual Tour Builder also allows you to create projects yourself without knowing programming.

For more information, check here:

and here:
You own online, cloud tool for creating virtual tours -

facebook page :: facebook group :: youtube

cms4vr team *thumbsup*