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Friday, April 5th 2019, 7:05pm

Text layer should be over hotspot.

Hello -

I'm dynamically adding hotspots with a text layer to my flatpano map. Works great. However, if a hotspot falls ontop of a poly shaped hotspot, I run into issues with onclick js code (i.e. when i click the hotspot, both the hotspot and poly functions are called). So, after reading the support forum, I changed the hotspot to render as "css3d". This fixed the issue with the hotspot that is plotted over a poly hotspot. However, now I'm running into an 'order' issue between the hotspot and the text layer. The text layer is a number that is centered over its parent hotspot. When I change the hotspot to render as css3d, the hotspot image is 'over' the text layer. I need to have the text later over the hotspot. I hope that makes sense. Thank you."addhotspot(" + hs_name + ")");
krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].url", "include/hotspot.png");
krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].renderer", "css3d"); //testing w/ poly
krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].distorted", true);
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].zorder", "1");
krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].ath", h);
krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].atv", v);
krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].ox", "0");
krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].oy", "0");
krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].alpha", "0.75");
krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].scale", "0.006");
krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].edge", edge);
krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].capture", false);

var l_pt = "layer_" + d[o].hotspots.hotspot_id;"addhotspot(" + l_pt + ")");
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].type", "text");
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].parent", hs_name);
//krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].zorder", "2");
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].align", "center");
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].html", d[o].hotspots[i].hotspot_id);
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].alpha", "1");
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].scale", "0.006");
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].distorted", true);
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].ath", h);
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].atv", v);
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].ox", "0");
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].oy", "0");
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].edge", "center");
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].bgcolor", "0xffffff");
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].bgalpha", "0");
krpano.set("hotspot["+l_pt+"].css", "font-family:Arial; font-size:16px; color:#000000;");
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