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Tuesday, July 9th 2019, 10:32am

A few general questions

Hello, I'm currently evaluating krpano tools and viewer for a commercial application. I experimented around a bit and like what I see, however there's some questions that popped up. It's possible that the answers to some of them are out there somewhere, but so far I have not been able to get clear certainty. So I'd be glad if more experienced people could give me some definite answers.
First, a couple of questions about licensing:
1) The license pricing mentions no renewing of licenses. I take that to mean that the licenses are pay-once in perpetuity for the current version, pay again if you want a newer version. Did I get that right?

2) The license agreement contains the somewhat vague point 8:


Offering your licensed krpano version to third parties on a hosting
platform is not allowed without 'krpano Hosting License'.

First of all, I cannot find information about a "hosting license" or its pricing, second I cannot tell with certainty when exactly this applies, since it talks about offering the "licensed krpano version", which sounds like providing direct access to the software, leaving it unclear if that license is necessary if krpano is ran as part of a wider service infrastructure over which the third party has no direct control.
In our case, krpano would be running somewhere in the belly of a microservice architecture, being only one tool of many that we use for image editing and preparation. Its configuration would occur automatically based on our defaults and influenced by some configurations that the user makes in other places (things like changing the overall angle by configuring his PZ-camera, LODs by configuring his camera resolution, etc). In other words, no direct access to the software is provided, only to the produced images, though these images are a result of how the user configured his system in general.

Does this use case qualify as "Offering your licensed krpano version to third parties" and require a hosting license, and if yes, how expensive is it and what are its terms?

Next, a few technical questions. I'll admitt that they mostly concern the viewer, so they're technically in the wrong forum, but there wasn't a general one and two threads seemed like overkill.These are feasibility questions, I don't necessarily need to know the implementation details just yet.
3) I see that the viewer uses a camera tilt for the vertical axis. Is it possible to use a pan for that instead (i.e. avoid perspective distortion)? I seem so far incapable to do this even though my images are cylindrical.

4) Is it possible to dispense with the XML completely and configure the whole thing directly through Objects? According to the documentation this *seems* possible with the vars and initvars parameters, but I'm still experimenting with basic configuration of the viewer, so I'm not currently in a position to verify this impression. Alternatively, is it possible to load the xml from a url instead of a server resource?

5) is it possible to feed new images into the viewer at runtime? This is probably documented somewhere, but all examples I found of switching images in the viewer had the entire image data statically defined, while we would need to be capable of dynamically adding new images without refreshing the browser window.

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