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Samstag, 22. Mai 2010, 14:01

Switching cubefaces on the fly?

I have a pano of a club, and I have two different cubeface JPEGs for the up face. I would like to be able to switch the cubefaces on the fly.

I tried inserting it as a hotspot and as a plugin, but it doesn't show in the right position; it is a little distorted and doesn't match up to the shot, even though it should, precisely. (And it does fit properly if I switch the cubeface_u JPEG files around so the pano uses the different up face.)

Is there a way to switch out a face on the fly? Ideally (a) with a transition of some sort, and (b) on a constant timer-driven repeat.




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Samstag, 22. Mai 2010, 14:29

cube face flipping

There is an example of this very thing included with the examples in the download. It's called slider blender cubes. You just have to adjust it to get rid the blend and change the slider to a loop.

This approach is also discussed here…d&threadID=2130

But I'm not sure I would do any of this any more as the multi-frame is so much more powerful and I think probably much easier to do once it's documented a bit more.




Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010, 11:15


switching or changing any pano image dynamically is not possible,
but a distorted hotspot is possible of course,

for a how-to to get a perfect alignment of the hotspot see this thead:
Example/Tutorial - interactive area in the pano (aligned distorted hotspot)

best regards,