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Freitag, 11. Juni 2010, 17:45

Win7 64bit error with full URL paths to JS/SWF

I put my KRPano stuff into a single folder at the web root of my site and used full (http etc.) paths to the JS and SWF items from some pano pages that were a couple of folders down in the same site. I wanted to have a single place to store my KRPano files so updates would be easier.

This works fine for my Mac browsers and apparently for Windows browsers in 32-bit mode. But I've had multiple reports that this fails with IE and Firefix in Windows 7 64-bit. Screenshot here

This is with Firefox 3.6.3 in Win 7 Ultimate x64.

I switched back to relative URLs (and duplicates of the KRPano files in each folder) and the problem went away. But I really want to be able to have a single instance of KRPano and related files on my site and refer to those from any page without rewriting the URLs at all... without causing browser problems.

Is this possible? Is there any way to avoid that weird Windows browser security freakout?