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Tuesday, August 31st 2010, 10:04am

iphone/ipad - absolute urls to images


I could create a tour viewable on iphone/ipad. One thing i have observed is that while viewing on iphone/ipad urls to the images have to be relative to the xml file, absolute url's ( are not working. Is this the limitation of the current implementation? Can anyone confirm this please? Also, is there any work around for this?

I have also observed that scene tags are not supported by iphone/ipad. When can we expect that?

While I am at this, it might be a good idea to create a sub-forum for iphone/ipad. I believe that we are going to have lot of interest in this particular feature, so grouping all related posts in one place will be helpful.

Thank you.


Tuesday, August 31st 2010, 12:10pm

Is this the limitation of the current implementation? Can anyone confirm this please?
yes, it's a limitation of the current version, the next version will not have that anymore,
and there will be iPhone/iPad subforum with the next release, but I still need some time
for finishing that version,

best regards,


Thursday, September 2nd 2010, 6:29am

iphone - feature request


Is it possible to have an item in the config file (kmakemultires.config) with which copying of krpanoiphone.js and krpanoiphone.license.js will be optional ? If it is possible with release, please let me know.



Thursday, September 2nd 2010, 7:18am

You could make a second copy of the tools for that specific use and just not have those two files in the folder. I tried and received no error.


Thursday, September 2nd 2010, 7:45am

The iphone specific files do not exist in the tools folder. Here is the output from a test run of kmakemultires for creating an iphone tour:

Source code

making tiles: l2_l_%0v_%0h.jpg - 3x3 (9) tiles
making tiles: mobile_l.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making tiles: tablet_l.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making tiles: l2_f_%0v_%0h.jpg - 3x3 (9) tiles
making tiles: mobile_f.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making tiles: tablet_f.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making tiles: l2_r_%0v_%0h.jpg - 3x3 (9) tiles
making tiles: mobile_r.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making tiles: tablet_r.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making tiles: l2_b_%0v_%0h.jpg - 3x3 (9) tiles
making tiles: mobile_b.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making tiles: tablet_b.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making tiles: l2_u_%0v_%0h.jpg - 3x3 (9) tiles
making tiles: mobile_u.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making tiles: tablet_u.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making tiles: l2_d_%0v_%0h.jpg - 3x3 (9) tiles
making tiles: mobile_d.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making tiles: tablet_d.jpg - 1x1 (1) tiles
making preview...
making tiles: l1_l_%0v_%0h.jpg - 2x2 (4) tiles
making tiles: l1_f_%0v_%0h.jpg - 2x2 (4) tiles
making tiles: l1_r_%0v_%0h.jpg - 2x2 (4) tiles
making tiles: l1_b_%0v_%0h.jpg - 2x2 (4) tiles
making tiles: l1_u_%0v_%0h.jpg - 2x2 (4) tiles
making tiles: l1_d_%0v_%0h.jpg - 2x2 (4) tiles
ERROR: unable to copy file "krpano_tools_1.0.8.11/krpanoiphone.js" to "./krpanoiphone.js"!
ERROR: unable to copy file "krpano_tools_1.0.8.11/krpanoiphone.license.js" to "./krpanoiphone.license.js"!

Lines of interest are 26 and 27 starting with "ERROR: ".


Thursday, September 2nd 2010, 8:06am

Just a question to better understand your issue, why don't you want those files transferred?
In my test, I had used the standard make multires.bat file as it came from the package. I simply removed the two files and processed a pano. I did not see that error.

I also assumed you were using this for a non-iPhone tour since you did not want those files included. I thought you wanted one tool for iPhone and one for non-iPhone.

I will try again. However, that error seems like it is doing what you want. You are getting the files you want and it cannot copy the ones you don't.

Edit: The default multires.config does not output iphone panos without the license present. It is set to auto. I changed it to yes and got the error you show. However, it still processes as you wished, all of the files except for those two.

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Thursday, September 2nd 2010, 8:24am

I want to create an iphone tour and i don't want those files to be copied. Why? All the tours will be served of the same php page, so i can include the iphone specific files in that page. The xml file for the tour will be loaded based on the tour that has been requested.

And I have to mention that, but for those two "ERROR: " messages everything else works fine. Tiles are created as expected and rest of the files are copied as expected and the tours to work fine *smile* .


Thursday, September 2nd 2010, 4:40pm

doctype for iphone tour


For the html page that delivers the tour, if we set the doctype as < ! doctype htm5 > , i am able to see the tours. If i set it as < ! doctype html > (which is the correct doctype for html5) tour is not displayed. Will this be taken care of in the next release? Call me stupid, but i find it odd to create a html page without a valid doctype *smile*


Friday, September 3rd 2010, 10:20am

Will this be taken care of in the next release?
yes, this is a bug in the current version, the next will be much better (in any way),

best regards,