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Monday, January 10th 2011, 8:10am

Ipad Question


In my directory there are the following files:


But.....there is no iPadversion made?

Please help.




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Monday, January 10th 2011, 2:58pm

check your config file makes sure it is set to actually build the idevice tiles. if it is set to auto it should just be looking for the license you say is already in the right spot.


Monday, January 10th 2011, 4:24pm

Please help!!!!
On the server I placed the ' swfkrpano.js '
I made a multires panorama....
Is there a simple manual for me.

Thanks in advance

Here is my xml file:

<krpano version="1.0.8">
<include url="skin/defaultskin.xml"/>
<view hlookat="-180" vlookat="-19" fovtype="MFOV" fov="103" maxpixelzoom="3.0" fovmax="100"/>
<display details="100"/>
<preview url="test.tiles/preview.jpg"/>

<image type="CUBE" multires="true" tilesize="636" progressive="false">

<level tiledimagewidth="955" tiledimageheight="955">
<left url="test.tiles/l1_l_%0v_%0h.jpg"/>
<front url="test.tiles/l1_f_%0v_%0h.jpg"/>
<right url="test.tiles/l1_r_%0v_%0h.jpg"/>
<back url="test.tiles/l1_b_%0v_%0h.jpg"/>
<up url="test.tiles/l1_u_%0v_%0h.jpg"/>
<down url="test.tiles/l1_d_%0v_%0h.jpg"/>

<left url="test.tiles/mobile_l.jpg"/>
<front url="test.tiles/mobile_f.jpg"/>
<right url="test.tiles/mobile_r.jpg"/>
<back url="test.tiles/mobile_b.jpg"/>
<up url="test.tiles/mobile_u.jpg"/>
<down url="test.tiles/mobile_d.jpg"/>

<left url="test.tiles/tablet_l.jpg"/>
<front url="test.tiles/tablet_f.jpg"/>
<right url="test.tiles/tablet_r.jpg"/>
<back url="test.tiles/tablet_b.jpg"/>
<up url="test.tiles/tablet_u.jpg"/>
<down url="test.tiles/tablet_d.jpg"/>

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Wednesday, January 12th 2011, 3:16pm


there is no need for a special "ipad" file,
the name of the viewer and the license is iphone but it works for iphone and ipad (and optionally also for safari/chrome on desktop),

please show a link to your page or your html file?

btw - you don't need the tools license online, that should be only in the tools folder!

best regards,


Thursday, January 13th 2011, 7:45pm

Hi Klaus,

Here is the html:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> - test</title>
<meta name="viewport" content="target-densitydpi=device-dpi, width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0" />
<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />
html { height:100%; }
body { height:100%; overflow: hidden; margin:0; padding:0; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:16px; color:#FFFFFF; background-color:#000000; }
a{ color:#AAAAAA; text-decoration:underline; }
a:hover{ color:#FFFFFF; text-decoration:underline; }

<script src="test.js"></script>

<div id="pano" style="width:100%; height:100%;">
<noscript><table style="width:100%;height:100%;"><tr style="valign:middle;"><td><div style="text-align:center;">ERROR:<br/><br/>Javascript not activated<br/><br/></div></td></tr></table></noscript>
embedpano({swf:"test.swf", xml:"test.xml", target:"pano"});


The xml file is allready in this post. What is wrong???




Thursday, January 13th 2011, 7:50pm

Do you have a link? Does it only not work on an iPad? How about on a iPhone?


Thursday, January 13th 2011, 8:59pm

Not on iphone either *angry*


Thursday, January 13th 2011, 9:16pm

Since you won't show a link, what type of error are you getting?


Thursday, January 13th 2011, 9:23pm


IPhone/iPad version not availlable


Thursday, January 13th 2011, 10:35pm

You said you had uploaded the "swfkrpano.js " but your html calls for "test.js" Did you just rename the swfkrpano.js or did you upload the one from the folder that was created with the tools? Are you certain you had the iphone license in the tools folder when the js file was created? If you are not, make sure your licenses are in the tools folder and rerun the tools using the "test" image. Then upload the test.js and test.swf for good measure. It should work since everything else "seems" to be correct.



Saturday, January 15th 2011, 12:21am

Here is the link, the picture is bad, but that is not issue.....

Thanks in advance,



Saturday, January 15th 2011, 10:34am

What I do:

Make cubes from a panorama (Convert SPHERE to CUBE (JPEG) droplet)
Make a Pano Multires with the droplet (MAKE PANO (MULTIRES) droplet)
Publish including: swfkrpano.js, krpanoiphone.js in the webdirectory


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Monday, January 17th 2011, 9:15am


it looks like that you have used the MAKE PANO (SINGLE-SWF-MULTIRES) droplet,
because the xml is embedded into the swf and there is no other xml file,
that will not work on the iPhone/iPad of course,

try to make sure that you use the MAKE PANO (MULTIRES) droplet,

best regards,


Monday, January 17th 2011, 2:04pm

Hi Klaus,

I embedded the xml file to protect the license. The pano is definitely a multires ( here are files like: tablet_u.jpg, mobile_u.jpg, l1_r_01_01.jpg, l2_r_01_01.jpg. It drives me crazy *angry*


Monday, January 17th 2011, 5:05pm

I embedded the xml file to protect the license.

If you are using, as long as your licenses are in the tools folder when you use the make pano(multires).bat (NOT THE ONE WITH a SWF in the title),
it will generate all the files you need with your license embedded for you.

For example, I dropped a file named test.tif onto the make pano(multires).bat.

It outputted two folders


and then it outputte the following files.


With these files, it works for me on iPhone.



Monday, January 17th 2011, 11:34pm


Thanks for your help. I followed your instructions at work on a Windows Pc, And guess what...It works.
At home at my Mac, it doesn't work.
There is a difference in the image output. On the Windows Pc there are 6 jpg files for Flash, 6 for iPad and 6 for iPhone.
On the mac there are 6 for iPad, 6 for iPhone and 294 (?) for Flash. Something is going wrong on my Mac.




Monday, January 17th 2011, 11:48pm

Make pano(normal).bat should make 6 for each platform but when using make pano(multires).bat , it should have several tile images for the flash version. That is what makes the multires work.


Tuesday, January 18th 2011, 12:19am

I think i have to run Windows on a virtual machine on my mac to make it work *thumbdown* *confused*

Made in Windows (

Made on the Mac (


Tuesday, January 18th 2011, 12:24am

Many people use Macs so I am sure it can be done. Maybe someone can give a brief summary of how to use the bat files if they behave differently on a Mac.

Good Luck,

Glad you were able to get some resolution to your problem.


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