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Sunday, January 16th 2011, 10:06pm

FP10 slower than FP9?

Hi ! I was reading the documentation, and I found this:
Is that correct? I mean, FP10 is slower tha FP9? *wacko*


Monday, January 17th 2011, 9:58am


yes, but you need to know what FP10 and FP9 means in this case:

since the Flashplayer 10 there are new functions available to draw perspective correct 3D images,
in the Flashplayer 9 there were no functions for that, so to simulate a perspective 3D distortion it was necessary to tessellate the image into smaller pieces to get a correct 3D effect,

and with the "display.flash10" setting you can control which functions krpano should use to render the pano,
it's not related to the Flashplayer version itself, but when using the Flashplayer 9 to view the pano then only the Flashplayer 9 functions will/can be used of course,

just try it yourself - the pano on the krpano page have the options plugin included (click the button in the right top), there you can switch between both rendering modes and especially when also using the fisheye/stereographic distortion the speed differnce should be noticeable,

best regards,


Monday, January 17th 2011, 4:18pm

Yes, I know about the 2.5D in FP10, that's why I was surprised to read that tesselating is faster than native "3D".
Please correct me if I'm wrong, "flash10=off" it's using tesseleation instead of native3D, but with all the advantages of Flash10 (Vector for example) correct?
Anyway, it's not clear to me when it's useful to use "flas10=on" then...


advantages: better quality, faster in high quality
disadvantages: slower (especially when rendering many elements), no automatic mipmapping
If we don't use any distortion (fisheye, stereographic, etc) then flash10=on is faster?
Do you think it's a good idea to change automatically between flash10=on/off accordingly to fisheye value or it's a very high processing?

I've made some tests, these are my results:


my test consist only in rotating the panorama at full speed and see the FPS
FP10 on with fisheye 0 = 30fps
FP10 on with fisheye 0.5 = 21fps
FP10 off with fisheye 0 and details 15 = 32fps
FP10 off with fisheye 0 and details 40 = 25fps
FP10 off with fisheye 0.5 and details 15 = 35fps
FP10 off with fisheye 0.5 and details 40 = 21fps

From those results I can conclude that using FP10 off with low details (15 for example) is always faster than FP10 on, but we have the problem of quality, look the difference in these images:

The results above was taken from a test in Flash Player Debug in FF 3.6. PC win7 x64 PhenomII X3710 4GB. Size of the stage in Flash: 1600x680px (this is important)
I forgot that in FF I have a debug version so, but I've made the same tests in Chrome 9 with FP and 1600x680px with equal results (which is really surprising because FP10.1 is much faster than FP10.0, and more if we are comparing a debug and release version)

Can you tell us when is convenient to use flas10=on?

Thanks !!!

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