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Friday, February 11th 2011, 7:02pm

Videoplayer - 2 Q : Black stripes and loading side-effect

Hi, *smile*

2 questions about the videoplayer.
In my pano (made in 3D, no photos), I use it to display video transitions between scenes. These transitions are recorded travellings between the locations.

Problem #1 : the videoplayer adds 2 black stripes, on the top and bottom of my FLV, reducing the ratio width/height and making my videos looking crushed.

Here's a screenshot (real size), this sample has a 640*320px resolution.

(Sorry, I had to mask the content of the video).

You can see the 2 black stripes I'd like to remove...

Here's my code :

Source code

<plugin name="videoplayer" url="%SWFPATH%/plugins/videoplayer.swf" keep="true" preload="true"/>

Source code

   set(plugin[transition].keep, true);
   set(plugin[transition].url, videoplayer.swf);
   set(plugin[transition].videourl, get(video));
   set(plugin[transition].width, 640);
   set(plugin[transition].height, 320);
   set(plugin[transition].visible, true);
   set(plugin[transition].handcursor, false);
   set(plugin[transition].x, 0);
   set(plugin[transition].y, 0);
   set(plugin[transition].edge, center);
   set(plugin[transition].align, center);
   set(plugin[transition].scale, 1);
   set(plugin[transition].rx, 0);
   set(plugin[transition].ry, 0);
   set(plugin[transition].rz, 0);
   set(plugin[transition].distorted, false);
   set(plugin[transition].pausedonstart, false);
   set(plugin[transition].loop, false);
   set(plugin[transition].volume, 0.7);
   set(plugin[transition].onvideocomplete, removeplugin(transition););
   set(plugin[transition].updateeveryframe, true);

The final videos will be displayed in fullscreen (1024*768), but they're actually crushed and don't look good.

I checked the sizes of the video before and after being encoded in FLV, they're correct. The problem seems definitly to be due to these 2 black stripes.

Problem #2 : I use these videos as transitions between scenes.
I first tried this order :
scene 1-> click to go to scene 2 -> load scene 2 -> display video and remove it at its end
The matter was that during half a second, the scene 2 was visible before the video (of the travelling from scene 1 to scene 2) was displayed.

So I tried this order, which satisfies me more :
scene 1 -> click to go to scene 2 -> launch video -> delayedcall (load scene 2)
I use the delayedcall() to avoid the same problem than before.
The result is good, except one little problem : when the delayedcall() loads the scene 2, the video freezes during a piece of second. The freeze is light but noticeable...
Would you see a solution to avoid this freeze ?

Precision : my pano won't be online, only a local usage. So I don't care about size and weight of medias.
I was thinking that it might be possible to preload EVERYTHING in a Flash buffer or something like that, but I don't really know if it's possible and how it works...

Thanks for reading ! ;-)
mrfreihr has attached the following image:
  • screen_stripes.jpg


Monday, February 14th 2011, 2:55pm


sorry, I have no idea, why there should be black strips added,
my only idea would that the scaling is not correct...
are the strips also when playing the video as <plugin> instead os <hotspot>?

btw - there will be soon a new videoplayer plugin with full documentation (with the krpano version,
and there were a lot of fixes regarding video, maybe your problem would be fixed too, but without
seeing the problem I can't say much more of course,

maybe try already the version from here:

best regards,


Wednesday, February 16th 2011, 10:19am

Hi Klaus,

thanks for your answer. I found the origin of the black stripes, it was my own fault. *thumbdown*

The encoded FLVs have the correct size, but the black stripes have been added by this #&@!* sh@&#*%$t of Adobe Media Encoder. After digging a bit in the deeeeeeeeeeep settings, I got my videos encoded without stripes.

Sorry for this waste of time... *unsure*

Any ideas about the loading of the videos ?
I'll try the new versions as soon as possible. ;-)