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Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011, 18:48

Sound different panos

Please I have 3 panos and 2 sounds.

When I get in to the second pano I have to load the mp3 file number 1 ok
When I get in to the fisrt pano the sound of the second pano still playing OK. Good. When I come back to the second pano the sound start again from the beginning ( Wrong, I want keep the sound, I dont want it start from the beginning again).
When I get in to the third pano I have to stop the sound number 1 and play the number 2 Ok Good . When I come back to the second pano, I have to stop the sound number 2 and play the number 1. ok no problem.
The problem is All the time that I geting back to the second pano the sound start from the beginning again, and if I dont do the stopallsounds(); I have 2 sounds playing together. What I have to do.


Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011, 17:19


a sound itself will not automatically stop or start when you load a new pano,
maybe you need to sure that you don't call the playsound again...

can you show your tour? then it might be possible to say where and what need to be changed,

best regards,


Freitag, 29. Juli 2011, 00:25

Yes I have pano1xml, pano2xml, pano5xml and

When I go from pano 2 to pano 5 , stop pano2 song and play pano5 song OK ,
When I go from pano 5 to pano 2 , stop pano 5 song and play pano 2 song ( the pano 2 song start again )
when I go from pano 2 to pano 1, the song still playing ok.
When I cameback to the pano 2 the song start from the from the beginning again.
All I want is go to pano 1 and get back to the pano 2 without start it again. Is it possible.

And another question klaus, I have 9 panos in one xml (vtour.xml template) , and I want start the song and keep all the time without start again from the beginning , What I haqve to do to start one time and keep all the way. the last xml named virtual is from this question that I didnt put the song already.
Thank you

Thank you Klaus
»Net360« hat folgende Dateien angehängt:
  • pano1.xml (4,86 kB - 32 mal heruntergeladen - zuletzt: 24. September 2017, 11:16)
  • pano2.xml (9,25 kB - 13 mal heruntergeladen - zuletzt: 14. April 2015, 14:29)
  • pano5.xml (4,64 kB - 13 mal heruntergeladen - zuletzt: 24. November 2016, 21:28)
  • tour.xml (4,89 kB - 31 mal heruntergeladen - zuletzt: 29. September 2018, 17:10)
  • virtual.xml (35,1 kB - 21 mal heruntergeladen - zuletzt: 29. September 2018, 17:10)


Samstag, 30. Juli 2011, 00:31

I just started searching for a soultion for this as well

For the above he can eliminate the stop all sounds in the new pano to keep the sound from stopping,..and that may be OK in a smaller tour with few sounds, a complicated tour this will run into problems....can you or someone help with the code for a tour with multiple nodes and multiple sounds. This is needed where a sound "a" will be used multiple times in a tour, in conjuction with other sounds, but it some instances it will be desired to have sound "a" run continuous when moving to a new node. Is there way to ...........use the if or if not to solve this,maybe in an action, kinda like below where "A" is our desired sound

if sound 'A" is not playing, then (stopalllsounds),playsound(A,,,,); in this instance, if "a" is playing, and it is still wanted, it will continue to do so(with elimination of the playsound command),.....if "A" is not playing then the sound needed willl be called while stopping any unwanted sound.

Maybe this has been explained before,..please direct if it has, i said i just started searching.



Samstag, 30. Juli 2011, 11:15

Hi there,

if you like to use multiple sounds the "stopallsounds"-tag is´nt such a good choice. Instead I recommend to use the "pausesound(nameofthesound)"-tag and "resumesound(nameofthesound)"-tag for sounds that are more permanent and "stopsound(nameofthesound)" to just stop a single sound. You can even fade in and out all sounds if you write a little action for that and call it either before or after a new scene is loaded. This way I use multiple sound in my tours in which some are almost permanent, some are just in one scene and others in a few scenes are active. And it works like a charme! But that´s all pretty good documented in the soundplayer-help ;-)

Best regards

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