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Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012, 21:18

How do I accurately position a video made from an image sequence ?

I have made a video from sequence of images taken at The Macula's "Luminous Flux" show.
These images ( over 100 of them ) are the same view at different stages of the show, I know I should have shot this as video in the first place.

I cannot get the video to align perfectly in the panorama, it should do as I can use any one of them in the pano creation.
Any help on setting parameters to make it fit would be appreciated.

Pano can be viewed here where you can see the (slight but annoying) mis-alignment,
as well as the other problems, which I can fix.

Thanks for your time.
Jeff *confused*


Montag, 27. Februar 2012, 17:49


you can try to rotate the pano in that way that the video will be only on one cube face,
then you could use this tutorial to find the settings for a pixel-perfect alignment:
Example/Tutorial - interactive area in the pano (aligned distorted hotspot)

best regards,