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  • "Jonnie" started this thread

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Sunday, March 4th 2012, 4:54pm

Ipad - issues with full screen and relatedI


I have to apologise in advance if there is naivety here, I have only just purchased an Ipad2 for testing after getting tired of doing my "debug sessions" in local shops.

My preferred implementation is to embed the tour into a div in an existing webpage so that a small version of the pano is visible as soon as the webpage is loaded, for example a 600 x 450 pixel div - the contents of the webpage are visible around the div. I use an extra scene which acts as a "splash" screen - the static image being provided by a plugin - this spash screen gives a ghosted impression of the first scene of the tour and has a "press play" button. In the following screen shot I have tried to show the webpage into which the pano is embeded ( yellow menu bar, background sea image and so on ), the pano is actually showing the last scene which does not have any <image> but does have plugins to give a start button and show a static image so that the visitor gets a taste of the subject matter of the tour.

If the user does press play they will not see a full screen pano - the pano will stay the same size unless they choose to go fullscreen using the menu

Some implementers seem to prefer a link that takes the viewer to a full screen pano so they do not deal with panos occupying less than 100% of the screen and may not have encountered the same problems.

My debug sessions down the local shops had shown some anomalous behaviour, for instance when I hit the "fullscreen button" the pano increased in size but did not "click" into place on the screen so the effect was as if I had zoomed in on the whole webpage and the pano was partially visible and displaced so that although it might the right size to fill the screen*** it was not aligned with the screen boundaries
but floating around to the left, right, up and/or down directions (***ok I know the browser takes the very top in the JS viewer but it will get too complicated if I keep on adding that qualification).

Sometimes the lower half of the pano becomes unresponsive and I can only get items in the upper part of the pano to respond - the pano's own menu goes dead and does not respond. I am not sure if I have any bugs in my code but playing around with the ipad I can see other problems and I wanted to get comment on these first as I have a hunch that exploring the simplest issue may shed light on these other issues.

Start Of 'Simple Issue' Description

On ipad I look at a pano embedded on a webpage like above.

I use finger movements to move around and the two finger gesture to zoom in.

The immediate problem is that I can zoom in over the pano sufficiently that I can no longer see any of the surounding web page and indeed so that I cannot see the pano menu.

I can put myself into a position where all finger gestures are interpretted as control movements in the context of the pano, a single finger gesture is interpretted as a "move pano" movement and a two finger gesture means I zoom the pano and not the webpage - this is of course perfectly sensible and as expected except that I now appear to have cut myself off from any interaction with the surounding webpage - I cannot move the webpage around so that I can get control back on the webpage "surface" and I cannot even pan the pano div around the screen - all "pan" gestures are interpretted as "pan the scene inside the pano" - AND NOT - "pan the pano div around the screen".

As mentioned earlier I can zoom and pan myself to a position where I cannot even see the pano menu.

I appear to have no method of escape other than hitting the browsers "back" button or similar so that I visit the page I was on BEFORE I looked at the page containing the pano ( and doubtless other non graceful ways of getting out ).

The examples I see on the krpano website - for instance the Kuchelerhaus Tour www.krpano/iphone do not seem to suffer this problem because the visitor never sees the pano embedded as a small div in the webpage - they simply see a text link and then the fullscreen pano - hitting the "back" button on the browser then seems an intuitive and graceful thing to do to "escape". However this is not the case in my implementation, it no longer seems intuitive or graceful.

To reproduce this problem all I have to do is to use the two finger gesture over the area of the surounding webpage to zoom my pano div until it is bigger than the screen but does not yet fully cover it. I then use a single pan gesture to centre the overlarge pano on the screen and now I have no "control surface" left which is not "pano control surface" - all subsequent gestures are interpretted as pano gestures and not "get me out of here" gestures - my pano menu is no use because I zoomed it out of the screen area.

Does anyone have experience of dealing with this kind of issue on ipad? I feel I should deal with this issue first before going on to try and understand the other anamolous behaviour I have been seeing. I am doing some work for paying customers so I have to try and stop the user getting themselves stuck.

Kind regards


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Wednesday, November 14th 2012, 12:01pm

Did you ever get a response to this Jon? I have the same issue with unresponsive areas of my tour but it's not even in fullscreen.
My post is here, please let me know if you fixed it.

Dead areas of my tour on iPad
Many thanks,

Adrian Salisbury, UK
Smart Virtual Tours