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Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013, 11:23

Putting a gigapixel back together again

Hi all,

I did a silly thing and lost a backup drive by hiding it it somewhere safe and then forgot where that was *wacko*

On the drive was an important master gigapixel panorama copy that strangely I did not have backed up anywhere so thought I had lost it. To my relief I read on the forum that kmaketiles can retile a gigapixel back together..…14391#post14391

I had the tiles backed up but not the master file, and set about trying to retile...

The thing that made me stuck from the documentation was I did not know the input size... (the original size of the panorama)...

kmaketiles name_%v_%h.jpg retiled.tif 0 -insize=?x? -intilesize=3000

A quick email to Klaus and I learned that this data is in the xml of the panorama you are retiling, look at your first level of tiles and above you will find the dimensions of the panorama

<level tiledimagewidth="50127" tiledimageheight="38208">

so my gigapixel was 50127x38208 and then I had enough info to retile and get my master back, albeit a bit of compression but a major relief.

intilesize is the width of your largest tile only.

I hope this little tip helps anybody who gets stuck not knowing what the size of the panorama is they want to retile because they have lost the master version, you can find it in the xml *thumbsup*

Big thanks to Klaus and happy new year to all. It wont come as a surprise my resolution this year is to backup, backup, backup, and then again on a cloud *blink*




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Montag, 23. Februar 2015, 21:04

This saved my life!
I did something stupid too, I saved some pic with the name of one of my finished panoramas, loosing the important equirectangular and destroying my plenty of hours work (retouching the snow surface with the tree shadows etc...). I tried to recover formerly deleted cube faces with Stellar Photo Recovery from the HDD to get the equi from that, but the files could not be recovered :( Fortunately I made the multires krpano panorama before and by searching how could I get the equirectangular from that I came here :) I am going to try it. Big thanks to you and Klaus :)
Best regards,
Igor Socha