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Saturday, June 20th 2009, 10:02am

Having Color Problem

When using krpano before I didn't seem to have this problem. When using both a tiff and jpg 12270x6135 with a sRGB color setting in PS the Pano doesn't look as saturated as the original photo. The original looks vivid, but the pano looks less so.

I am using APP Giga, whereas before I was using PT GUI Pro. Can you guys think of something I am doing wrong. It doesn't look bad, just not as good as it should IMO.


Saturday, June 20th 2009, 10:43am

Well, I'm starting to answer my own question while raising another.

Of course, the color management problem I'm having has nothing to do with krpano. But maybe you can help anyway.

In another program I use for another purpose the same problem appears to happen. That is, when converting jpgs to swfs, the color always seems to desaturate. Is this something that just happens. Is there anyway to get what I see and adjust for in PS to actually be the same color in the panorama.

Or, I guess I should ask this. Should my finished pano look the same colorwise as the original jpg or tiff. It seems I have to have the original very saturated to have the pano look vivid enough. It's really hard to guess what it is going to look like. I'm sure part of the problem may be that I am (or have been) using HDR with bracketed images, and using Photomatix to process them with the enhancer. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Saturday, June 20th 2009, 12:37pm

Your problem is APP giga stripping color profile, that software is not color managed yet, Ptgui is color managed since long & does not do this.

After stitching with APP you manually need to assign your color profile in photoshop. This problem mostly happen when you use other color space than sRGB.

Avoid aRGB & ProphotoRGB they cannot be displayed on web, if you convert your raw files to sRGB then stitch you wont have this problem even APP strips the profile bcoz when no profile is attached all the images will be displayed in sRGB.


Saturday, June 20th 2009, 1:48pm

Thanks so much. I am starting to understand this.

One more question I am not clear on. I take my APP stitched tiff without a color profile into CS4, My original photos are with profile sRGB Nikon But when I'm done converting, it tells me my Color Space is RGB (I don't seem to be able to change that to sRGB) - But my Color Profile is sRGB Nikon - Is this correct settings?

So I guess I'm confused between Color Space and Color Profile.

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Saturday, June 20th 2009, 3:29pm

Hi Konakid,


I take my APP stitched tiff without a color profile into CS4, My original photos are with profile sRGB Nikon But when I'm done converting, it tells me my Color Space is RGB

You can add many colorprofiles (adobe RGB, sRGB, ProPhoto, device specific) to an image in a certain colorspace (RGB, CMYK, LAB), the colorprofile tells the editor (photoshop) how the colors of; in your case the recorder (DSLR probably); relate to the R,G,B values in RGB colorspace and that way rendering a correct image on your screen.

Check your color settings in Photoshop (command-shift-k on a Mac). In the 'Working Spaces' > 'RGB' you have to set your preferred colorspace, I use the Adobe RGB space because it gives me a bit more headroom for post-processing the image. Also, select 'Ask When Opening' for the 'Missing Profiles:' setting, this way PSD allows you to re-assign the original profile when an image is opened without a profile. Always pick the same profile as in the original images of the pano.

When you take sRGB jpg's into APG and render the resulting panorama, the sRGB profile gets stripped from the final rendered image. If you open the rendered image in Photoshop it will ask you to select a profile for this image. It's important to 'Assign' a profile and not convert to a profile. When the original profile is assigned to the image all the colors should be restored to their former glory.

When you work in adobe RGB or use a colorprofile other then sRGB, and you want to publish the image for the web it is best to convert the image to an sRGB profile before saving.

I hope this helps

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Sunday, June 21st 2009, 6:15am

But my Color Profile is sRGB Nikon - Is this correct settings?

So I guess I'm confused between Color Space and Color Profile.
That's the source of your problem, do not use any other profile except sRGB if your work is going to be displayed on web. I suspect that your photoshop settings are messed up, you can run it on default color settings which is sRGB.


Sunday, June 21st 2009, 1:06pm

Thanks Rinks and others,

But I am still lost. I understand what most of you are saying, but something is missing. I am using Nikon sRGB from the start, nothing else. And when I am done stitching with APG, I open with CS4, and it indicates the profile is missing. So, I (re)assign the original Nikon sRGB. But now what? Do I "save as?"

When I "save as" it asks if I should embed the Nikon sRGB, so I say yes. I then use this file - and I have the problem. Am I missing something? Or are all you guys using CS3, and is there maybe something going on differently with CS4?

The only thing I am doing differently than my other successful panos is that I am now using APG instead of PT GUI. So I figure it has to have something to do with the color management issue, and/or the way CS4 (or me) is re-assigning the color profile that APG takes away.

Please look here for an example of the color problem (a comparison), and some screen shots of my CS4 color profile options.


Monday, June 22nd 2009, 11:00am


sorry, I'm not a Photoshop or Color profile specialist, but there must be a way to "apply" the color profile (and then maybe convert to sRGB), embedding alone would be not enough, because any embedded data will be ignored/removed,

best regards,