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Thursday, June 27th 2013, 12:58pm

How can hide some thumbs from thumbs bar?

Please, How can I hide some thumbs from thumbs bar? Some views want to link only with hotspots ... e.g. room and bathroom... Thank you
Peter Farkaš has attached the following files:
  • tour.xml (9.67 kB - 8 times downloaded - latest: May 5th 2020, 8:23am)
  • vtourskin.xml (30.04 kB - 5 times downloaded - latest: Jan 4th 2020, 6:41pm)


Thursday, June 27th 2013, 5:36pm

Solution from Klaus:

Must change in tour.xml:

<scene ... skipthumb="true"> ... </scene>

And in vtourskin.xml:

<action name="skin_addthumbs">
copy(thumbwidth, skin_settings.thumbs_width);
copy(thumbheight, skin_settings.thumbs_height);
copy(thumbpadding, skin_settings.thumbs_padding);
copy(thumbcrop, skin_settings.thumbs_crop);


add(thumbxoffset, thumbwidth, thumbpadding);
mul(thumbxcenter, thumbxoffset, 0.5);


for(set(i,0), i LT scene.count, inc(i),
if(scene[get(i)].skipthumb != true,
copy(layer[get(thumbname)].url, scene[get(i)].thumburl);
set(layer[get(thumbname)].keep, true);
set(layer[get(thumbname)].parent, 'skin_thumbs');
set(layer[get(thumbname)].align, lefttop);
copy(layer[get(thumbname)].crop, thumbcrop);
copy(layer[get(thumbname)].width, thumbwidth);
copy(layer[get(thumbname)].height, thumbheight);
mul(thumbx, thumbcnt, thumbxoffset);
add(thumbx, thumbpadding);
copy(layer[get(thumbname)].x, thumbx);
copy(layer[get(thumbname)].y, thumbpadding);
add(scene[get(i)].thumbx, thumbx, thumbxcenter);
copy(scene[get(i)].thumby, thumbpadding);
set(layer[get(thumbname)].linkedscene, get(scene[get(i)].name) );
set(layer[get(thumbname)].onclick, skin_showthumbs(false); copy(layer[skin_thumbborder].parent, name); loadscene(get(linkedscene), null, MERGE, BLEND(0.5)); );
set(layer[get(thumbname)].onhover, showtext(get(scene[get(linkedscene)].title),SKIN_TOOLTIPS); );
txtadd(thumbtext, 'skin_thumbtext_', get(i));
set(layer[get(thumbtext)].keep, true);
set(layer[get(thumbtext)].parent, get(thumbname));
set(layer[get(thumbtext)].html, get(scene[get(i)].title));

mul(thumbbarwidth, thumbxoffset, thumbcnt);
add(thumbbarwidth, thumbpadding);
add(thumbbarheight, thumbpadding, thumbheight);
add(thumbbarheight, thumbpadding);

if (skin_settings.thumbs_scrollindicator,
copy(layer[skin_thumbs_scrollindicator].y, thumbbarheight);
add(thumbbarheight, layer[skin_thumbs_scrollindicator].height);

copy(layer[skin_thumbs].height, thumbbarheight);
copy(layer[skin_thumbs].width, thumbbarwidth);

mul(halfheight, thumbbarheight, 0.5);
copy(layer[skin_thumbs_scrollleft].y, halfheight);
copy(layer[skin_thumbs_scrollright].y, halfheight);



Friday, June 28th 2013, 9:51am

I found problem...

*cry* I found a problem in this solution: When I click on the hotspot of view that is hidden, krpano write me an error: ERROR: no parent "skin_thumb_11" found ... For example try click on arrow in Mooser crystal room...

Can someone help please?
Peter Farkaš has attached the following image:
  • prtscrn.jpg
Peter Farkaš has attached the following files:
  • tour.xml (8.29 kB - 2 times downloaded - latest: Aug 3rd 2013, 12:53pm)
  • vtourskin.xml (30.21 kB - 2 times downloaded - latest: Aug 3rd 2013, 12:55pm)



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Saturday, June 29th 2013, 3:18pm

my test with your code is ok...

it works.. but the 1st thumb / after id hide the real 1st thumb.. cant be click... unless i use the fwd & bwd button...

i think better skip scene than skip thumb... :)


Thursday, January 16th 2014, 11:04am

No it does not work, bite to get the hidden scene through the arrow hotspot ... *cry* Does anyone help please? Thank you to everybody


Thursday, January 16th 2014, 3:28pm

The same problem ... In the project I hid the last six thumbnail (these are daily views). When you click the icon, the sun appears to me top left corner of the stroke of the thumb bar ... How can I hide a stroke? Does anyone help please?

Peter Farkaš has attached the following files:
  • tour.xml (17.57 kB - 10 times downloaded - latest: Mar 21st 2020, 3:51am)
  • vtourskin.xml (37.33 kB - 5 times downloaded - latest: Jun 12th 2020, 11:23am)



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Friday, January 17th 2014, 11:12am

Add attribute e.g. view="day" to scene with two states "day" or "night"
When switching views you have to remove already existing thumbs from memory and recreate new set with scenes/thumbs matching current view.
Use editor to explore that thumbs you have in memory to have clear situation.


Friday, January 17th 2014, 11:45am

Thank you for your response.

Could you be more specific, I'm not a great programmer and I am a beginner in Krpano...
Can you please modify my code, it's for me and my work very important. I believe that this would help the other users.

*smile* Thank Umalao