Scrolling with mouse wheel

  • Hey, is there a way to fix the problem with chrome where you can't zoom in/out using mouse wheel when not in fullscreen mode?

    Changing the Flash settings in Chrome itself is not really an option, I can't tell my costumers to do so :P

    I did search the forum a bit, found something about swfkrpano or so, tho i did not rly get it (not yet that pro).

  • Hi,

    that would happen only locally (on 'file://' url) and only in Flash - online and/or with HTML5 the mouse wheel will always work.

    The reason itself is that Chrome internally always embeds the Flashplayer with a wmode=opaque setting, and in this mode the Flashplayer isn't supporting mouse wheel events. To bypass this limitation the krpano embedding script is detecting the mouse wheel usage and sending the mouse wheel events via Javascript to the krpano Flash viewer. This requires the Javascript interface of the Flashplayer to be able to work, but this one is not available locally.

    That means this local Chrome Flash limitation is a basic one and there is no 'fix' to bypass it. But for normal online usage this should be not a problem.

    Best regards,

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