360 Video html5 compatability

  • Hi, I like the way new ideas are being forged on this forum re interaction with hotspots etc on 360 video - thanks to Tuur and Klaus of course. Are there any plans for the 360 video to be compatible in html5 or is it a bridge too far. I see many examples from other companies of 360 video but none of them seem to work on Android only windows/mac OS which is a great shame. Be interested into any insight as I have loads of ideas buzzing in my head but until we can achieve cross browser usage I have to hold back *sad*

    Seems like everyone I know just reaches for their tablet of ipad these days!

  • Hi,

    yes, HTML5 video-pano support will come, but then only when the browser is supporting WebGL!
    There are no other technical possibilities in HTML5 for show a pano video without WebGL. That means no iOS support as Apple doesn't wants to provide WebGL there. Many new better Android devices on the other side are already supporting WebGL, there it would work.

    Best regards,

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