Input Textfield in HTML5

  • Does somebody know how to implement a INPUT-Textfield in HTML5? Aldo`s textfield PlugIn for Flash is really working very well (Thanks again for his work!), but Client also want`s to have that feature it on his iPad...

    Any solutions?
    Any Ideas?
    Or will that be a feature in a new Version of KrPano, Klaus...;-)

    Thanks for your help,

  • Or will that be a feature in a new Version of KrPano


    yes, that's (and also many other text related features) are already on my feature-request/todo list, but I can't say any dates. At the moment I'm pretty busy with trying to finish the 1.17 version itself. That means big text-related updates will probably come after 1.17.

    Best regards,

  • ahhh, that sounds fine... *smile*
    An Input field in HTML5 is really urgent for your player... *thumbsup*

    Andrew: was thinking about that, but I need it for an already finished "input-and-selecable-screen" in my tour...I think I have to write an extra js-PlugIn. Or can I use an embeded Input Textfield in the HTML and tell the krpano Player to be the parent???
    Mean, that I Say in the player: hello "div", be parent of my <plugin> and use the follow x/y etc. values?
    Never tried before...


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