Limit events to one scene only?

  • I am putting together a tour with multiple scenes, and In one scene only I would like to have a logo appear after a period of inactivity. The logo will disappear as soon as the use interacts again, by catching onmousedown and onviewchange events.

    Is there a way to limit these events to the one scene only, or must they run for the whole tour with tests to check for the required scene? Or is there a better way, please?

    Regards to all


  • I haven't tried it, new feature:
    New: onnewscene event - similar to onxmlcomplete but will be only called when loading new scenes.
    Maybe there you can set your event, by checking scene name and then remove it

  • Hi,

    yes, define a 'named' <events> element inside the <scene>,


    <scene ...>
       <events name="scene_events" 

    Because it's a named element and defined without keep, it will exist only in that scene.

    Best regards,

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