scrollarea mwheel problem on 1.17

  • first 1.16.9 code as below:

    <layer name="scrollarea" url="%SWFPATH%/plugins/scrollarea.swf" 
    alturl="%SWFPATH%/plugins/scrollarea.js"  align="center" 
     width="350" height="350" direction="all" >
     <layer name="map" align="center" enabled="true" capture="true" 
     scalechildren="True" children="True" 
    onhover="set(control.mousefovchange,0);set(events.onmousewheel,if(wheeldelta GT 0,if(layer[map].scale LT 1.1,add(layer[map].scale,0.1)),if(layer[map].scale GT 0.7,sub(layer[map].scale,0.1))));"  onout="set(events.onmousewheel,NULL);set(control.mousefovchange,1);" >

    BUT in 1.17 plugins maybe there is scrollarea.mwheel setting, then the child layer[map] can not get the right mousewheel behaviour ,can not get the right scale。

  • Hi,

    right, at the moment the mouse wheel events will be always captured by the scrollarea plugin, regardless of the mwheel setting.

    I will change that in the next release (1.17.1) - then this will only happen when the mwheel setting is set to true.

    Best regards,

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