Ponca City Virtual Tour!

  • Hi! I was hired by the Ponca City Tourism to create a 15-panorama virtual tour of our great town, Ponca City, OK.

    Ponca City Virtual Tour

    Nikon D80 + Nikkor 10.5mm + 360Precision Absolute
    Tour creation: 30 hours
    Panorama creation: 28 hours
    Plugins used: Google Maps, Camera Controls
    Pano resolution: 6600x3300 px

    If you find any bugs, please let me know! I'm having occasional issues with zooming beyond maximum and flipping the panorama, and keyboard controls getting disabled.

    Let me know what you think of it. It's my first real project in Krpano.

  • It looks good.

    I didn't get a chance to go through and try to nitpick everything *wink* but I did notice one small item...

    when the menu with the thumbs is open, I click on the maps option... and it opens the big map. I then click on a location and switches to a small map and the new pano loads.

    Now, when I hover over the google maps box I see "Click to use google maps"... I click it, nothing happens... click it again, then the map closes... click it again, map re-opens.

    I'm pretty sure that the first click is "working" but that it's set to turn the map on.. which it already is. The second click closes the map since you've switched the action.

    My suggestion - you have two buttons to initiate the map... see if you can get them in sync (it's a challenge, I understand)... also, see about changing the onhover showtext so that it really explains what will happen.

    These can be considered small details... but can be things that create a better user experience.

    Congratulations on the project... Ponca City should be happy.

  • Hey there,

    I hadn't thought about using the switch command for anything but fullscreen toggling. That's a good idea to use it - thanks for your xml reference.

    I'm still having the double-click problem. Using two different plugins makes it complicatedwhen you need to edit the code. *sad* There's a lot I might have missed, but I tried a couple approaches.

    One used the switch method as you had, and the other was changing the onhover text to show "Open" and "Close" Google Maps. Even when it hovered "Close Google Maps", it still took a double click to make it work right. Not sure what to do, or if it's a big enough problem to keep trying to solve.


  • very nice. great 1st tour. my first nit-pik is small. i would like to see the handcursor not appear over the borders on the sides. IMO when you see a hand it should indicate that something will happen if you click. borders should retain the regular cursor. helps indicate when something in the tour is important with having to draw attention to it in s distracting way. when i have more time ill be more critical but at first look that is my opinion.

  • Still like it! I think it is class A work. I do think the auto rotate kicks in a little to fast. I was zoomed in looking at things and it kept taking off on me. Also when it kicks in it is to fast. Slow it down a little let the view sink in. I would loose the hand cursor on the borders except for your logo at the bottom.

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