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  • sorry so many posts but I have been working with video alot latey there are numerous bugs that make using this very hard. must be creative to work around them. some i cannot

    1. video error: unable to load video on the internet with known good path of video relative to krpano.swf for sure it is the most current version
    2. after viewing a video I can no longer loadpano(). cannot change scenes after viewing 1 video.
    3. pause on start = true and visible = true makes the video not visible after setting visible = true
    4 cannot use as a plugin. might not be a bug but it would be nice. play, pause, stop nothing works when coded as plugin. can see the video though it just wont do anything.
    5. dont know if this is a bug either. afterclicking to change videos you see 2 different videos and they criss-cross then fade into each other. the one i selected alwasy plays but i do not know why it grabs another video then they like tween into each other. i wish i could show you but the video does nto work in the internet at all.

    i had at least 1 more, where when something was cet a certian way something else did not work. it was a long night last night, as i come across more i will edit this post and stop making new ones.

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  • Hi,

    please check out the new videoplayer plugin version:…D=6708#post6708

    it should fix all listed bugs,
    the most problems were "timing" errors depending on the loading speed,

    4 cannot use as a plugin. might not be a bug but it would be nice. play, pause, stop nothing works when coded as plugin. can see the video though it just wont do anything.

    using it a plugin should be possible, I don't now a problem regarding this at the moment,

    when play/pause/stop are not working - are you sure that you adressing the plugin correct?
    e.g. plugin[name].play(); instead of hotspot[name].play();

    best regards,

  • Has anyone managed to fix this yet

    the normal video as defined in the hotspot original code loads no problem and I can still load other panos through my hotspots however when changing the video using the playvideo(url) the video changes but the hotspots for loading other panos stop working.

    Please please someone say they know how to fix this.

    I definately have the latest version of the videoplayer plugin but not working.

  • Hi Klaus and everyone else reading this

    So I have been testing the videoplayer to it's limits it would seem and can't seem to find a workaround for some issues/bugs I have found.

    I have the most recent version of the videoplayer.swf file.

    Firstly when using the playvideo(url) action code within an action the loadpano function then ceases to work which is something previous posters have mentioned although it seemed that once using the new videoplayer.swf file their problems were solved. Is this the case VN2009?

    I therefore set about trying to create some sort of workaround for this and am currently trying using 6 video hotspots with actions changing their visibilty and play/stop variables. Again in theary I feel this should work lots more code and a bit messy but it should work. However the problem with this is the video not loading bug which means that I am left looking at the screen in the pano but no video embedded in it. I thought I had worked around this by using .flv files which I had found have better compatibilty then the .mp4 file extension. However when 6 video plugins like I'm trying to include it breaks.

    For anyone who's interested I have found that using a.flv video file instead of any other extension seems to solve the no video shown bug when you only have 1 video.

    I have found that when the video isn't showing if you zoom in on an area and out the pano loads again which I think might give me another couple of options for workarounds

    I'll try and post updates as as I've tested out some more options *rolleyes*

  • Hi Klaus

    Sorry for so many posts I've got all the latest versions plugin and player wise but am still suffering with the loadpano command not working after running the playvideo() command any updates anyone may have on this would be greatly appreciated


    Benjamin? You both mentioned that this was working for you now is this the case?

    Have you managed to incorporate the use of the loadpano and playvideo() actions without a crash?


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