• Hi,
    no I mean how the thumbs are cropped from original panorama pic. Now it is done automatically if I understood it right, but I would like to choose, what should be on the picture. Let´s say, I want to have the side of the room with the view towards the balcony, not some corner... Can I make my own crop from the panorama and use it as a thumb for this plugin?

    Best regards,
    Igor Socha

  • Oh right, I understand now.

    The plugin doesn't actually generate the scenes thumb images, it just picks up the thumbs generated by Krpano when you make a tour and presents them in a nice way.

    If you check the generated xml of your tours you'll see that there is a "thumburl" attribute on each scene, that's where the plugin gets the image (I should have explained it more clearly in the plugin page).

    That image is one of the cube faces of the panoramic. So yes, if you don't like the one generated you can always make your own crop and replace the thumb file.

  • I published a little update to the plugin and its documentation:

    - Fixed a bug that caused the plugin to appears double in size in retina iPads and similar devices (it was actually fixed a months ago but I'm just now updating it here).

    - Fixed a couple of minor edge case bugs.

    - Made a few improvements to the plugin page, most notably including an example on how to manipulate the plugin layer to show/hide it.

    - Dropped the simple version (without the albums feature), as it didn't sell as well as the full version and may have caused confusion, besides making everything easier to maintain.

  • Hi Hernan!

    1. How I can get updated version of plugin?
    2. How I can change alignment of thumbs to right side?
    3. I have few scenes in tour, but want to hide some from thumbs. I removed thumburl, but it not help. any ideas?

  • Hi Hernan,
    thank you for your great plugin! I like to use it in my projects.

    With the update from krpano 1.19-pr13 to pr14 I unfortunately have a problem. The albums don't keep folding out (with Windows 10, HTML5, all Browsers: FF, IE, Chrome). To show this I have links with the different krpano versions:


    Do you have any solution or update for this problem?

    Best regards from black forest

  • Hi,

    that's related to a change/fix in version 1.19-pr14 - in this version container elements don't get over/out events when the hovering their children elements and the bgcapture setting is false.

    This was a fix mainly related to hit-testing for webgl-hotspot behind layers and idea was the only layer could be hovered at one time. I wasn't aware about backward-compatibility problems in this case.

    For the next release (1.19-pr15) this will be changed again, then internally an other solution will be used.

    As workaround for the moment you could add bgcapture="true" to the "thumbs_container" <style> element in the auto_thumbs.xml,
    or alternatively this line in the tour.xml after the includes:

    <style name="thumbs_container" bgcapture="true" />

    (that workaround would work for old and new versions)

    Best regards,

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