oculus dk 2 implementation

  • hi guys is there any news about the oculus DK2 implementation for the virtual tours ( and not the videos) as i want to use it as a demonstration tool for the standards virtual tours??

    the only option i found so far is by throng the images inside koloreyes ( and it automatically create a playlist -only problem is that each photo is shown for inly 10 seconds-any idea how to extend/pause that effect )

    thank you regards

  • Hello, I am also interested to see DK2 implementation with krpano, I am upping this, maybe there s someone out there who can adapt the NPVR plugin until krpano get along with WebVR. I know eventually krpano will work on WebVR but since I'm on a dealine until the end of this month, I ll have to shout out. My DK2 will arrive this week (UPS tracking no.), so if any developer would like to try to adapt the NPVR plugin, I'll be nonstop available for tests. Many thanks!

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