Textfield autosize discrepancies on firefox

  • Firefox reports the second scene plugin[popup_desc].height to be 85 not 95 as in chrome which is correct.

    Workaround is clearing the textfield and then setting it with a delayed call. May have something to do with the breaklines.. I have no clue.

    <action name="setdesc">
  • Do you have this behaviour also online?
    My experience is that FF makes problems with textfield size offline.

    Did you try using css settings also in data tag and not use div etc ?
    or maybe use

    [br] instead of </br>

    I could be totaly wrong offcourse.

    Tuur *thumbsup*

  • Nah, its online.
    My workaround seems to be working. The actual code is much much more complex. So its possible there may be some other introduction of the bug. I don't have the time to distill down the project at the moment. Just seems weird that it's almost right but off by 10px

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