Hello New to Krpano family (Having A hard time making spherical videos )

  • Hello Guys

    Am trying to develop a app which with will take 360 mp4 video and plays which would allow a person to view it via the iPhones gyroscope and also use with the googles cardboard is this possible to do with the demo version I want to test it before I buy the software ..

    Help *confused*

  • Hi,

    that's not possible because:

    • the iPhone doesn't support WebGL yet (but will be with iOS 8)
    • the krpano version doesn't panoramic video in HTML5 yet (but will be with krpano 1.18)
    • the iPhone doesn't and will not support non-fullscreen video playback - that means any video will be always played in the iPhone videoplayer as it is

    Best regards,

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