• Hi, I am trying to deploy the Bing Maps as in the examples provided in the download - so aiming to have the bing map in a small box in the lower left hand corner. Ok that works fine.

    Now I have for example 200 panos which all have lat/lng attributes and I want them to show as markers in the Bing Map and when one is selected the marker changes colour so you now it is active and this should happen even if I select a pano from a marker or click on a thumbnail or move to a new pano, the map should move to show the new location of the active marker. Basically for any selected pano I want the user to have a "you are here" reference guide.

    I had this working fine when I had Tourweaver but now I have a better friend in KRpano and I want to try and do the same thing.

    I am sure it can be done :)

  • Hi,

    I would put the maps in a layer type container, at 100% width and height, and put the container layer anywhere you want in the size you want..

    <layer .... >
    <plugin .. bing maps../>


  • I tried this code, I placed it in tour.xml and I also tried it in vtourskin.xml. The map does not appear in any variant. Is it a bug in the code or...

  • Hi,

    Perhaps also a keep = true at the container layer?

    I also think a container needs a bgcolor and bgalpha vallue.
    krpano.com - Documentation - XML Reference

    Edit: oh .. you use vtourskin.. i never do for a project to be honest.
    That can be more tricky. Perhaps someone else can help here?


  • I found here: https://krpano.com/viewsource.htm…/googlemaps.xml

    To see the container in the lower right corner I have to exclude vtourskin.xml. If it is included, the container is not displayed.

    Since my knowledge is very modest, I tried to remove the existing container with the map from vtourskin.xml so that there would be no conflict, but it did not help. what else could be causing this problem?

  • klaus.krpano I did it with Google maps. I inserted this code into tour.xml, and a small map appeared.

    However, I still have a problem that I don't know how to set the active spot to be the one from the panorama.

    With Bing maps is an even bigger problem. I tried using this code to set up a Bing map, but it doesn't work at all and the map won't appear:

    Where did I go wrong in Bing maps?

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