What kinf of image I need to use a MultiResolution ?

  • Hi,

    I'd like to use the Multires solution for my project.

    I've seen this example : https://krpano.com/petapixel/ where you can see that differents images are laoding xhen you zoom into the panoramic. It is perfect !

    So my question is :

    What kind of setting my panoramic view need ?

    I try several resolution for my panoramic view :

    15000 x 5000 pixels
    10000 x 5000 pixels
    12000 x 6000 pixels

    Then I 'm using the MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet.bat but I can't see the different level laoding like into the PETAPIXEL example.

    So where i'm wrong ?

    Is the some code to add ?
    The panoramic view to have higher resolution ? If yes, what's are the dimension ?

    Thanks for you help. *wink*

  • Klaus' petapixel pano is artificial image which was made for an example of multiresolution feature. I don't think anyone is able to do such big photo with DSLR. Perhaps satellite picture of earth used in Google Maps is big enough to be a petapixel - I don't know.

    If you like high resolution panoramas, start with gigapanoramas. You should use lens with 50+ focal length to make photos.

    Here's an example of spherical gigapanorama (1,8Gpx) http://panoramy.ai360.com.pl/gigapanoramy/3550/. (Nikon D300, 50mm, F16, 266 photos)

  • Thanks for this example. It is really great.

    Is it possible to share the original view ? I'd like to make some test. Feel free to add some copyright, I don't care.

    Or maybe, could you tell me where I can find some Giga pixel images to do my tests.

    Many thanks. *wink*

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