GoodReader alternative for Android?

  • I have been using GoodReader as a means of viewing and testing my krpano tours offline on my iOS devices, and it does an excellent job.

    Does any one know of and have experience of an alternative for Android, please?

    Regards to all


  • Same thing here. (resolved, see edit)

    GoodReader works fine for me, but I'm tempted to use android device with gorgeous 6" HD ips panel instead of heavy ipad. I love ipad and ios, don't get me wrong, but android is much lighter and closer to folks. Of course I still can use device, but I don't want to rely on connection.

    Google didn't help me so far. No Site2Go HD or HTML Books alternatives for android.
    I'm trying to use "HTML viewer" - it's free, reads archives BUT gives me XMLHttpRequestError Exception 101 error, and I don't know how to enable local XML loading. (Asked the question in android play app page about the issue).

    Maybe there is a way to run chrome with command similar to "--allow-file-access".

    Any thoughts on that matter are highly appreciated.

    Actually you can use Firefox to open local files without a hassle.
    PS. As an iPhone user didn't get used to that amount of freedom.


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