360graders panorama up directly on wordpress without FTP

  • I want to hear if anyone can help me.
    I need to lie 360graders panorama up directly on wordpress from dashboard
    without putting all the folders on the FTP server first. (iam today using panopress)
    Is there a plugin or?

  • you could use a wordpress plugin like xfile which basically gives you a file browser in the wordpress admin area, but a standard desktop ftp client like cyberduck etc is probably easier to deal with

    if your web hosting service includes some sort of cpanel file manager etc, you can use that to upload zip files and unzip on server, much faster for uploading multires tours with thousands of tiles...

    you could also host your panoramas on amazon s3 and use their web interface or cyberduck etc to upload

    either way, you still have to get your files up on your ftp server somehow before embedding with panopress etc, an ideal wordpress solution would be a way to drag and drop a zip file or directory in wp media upload and unzip and have it return the url path (without adding contents to wordpress media library), a future version of panopress may include a simple built in upload mechanism like this, stay tuned ;)


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