Questions re. using Bing Maps plugin

  • Before I purchase a license for the Bing Maps plugin I have some questions, please.

    Is it possible for the spots placed on the map to link to pages external to the current panorama, instead of linking to other scenes within the current tour as in the Corfu example ( on the krpano website?

    The reason I ask is that I would like to keep each of the scenes in my tour as a separate entity, rather than combine them into one tour, as I need to allow the viewer the opportunity to start viewing the tour at a location of his or her choice, and to view an introductory page for each scene describing its location, etc.

    Alternatively, if I were to combine the scenes into one tour, is there any means of having a link on an external page enter a tour at a scene other than the first, e.g. on the Corfu tour would it be possible to jump into the tour at, say, the fourth scene rather than the first?

    Also, does the Bing Maps plugin work on all platform/browser combinations?

    Any help and guidance would be much appreciated.

    Regards to all


  • Alexey, that's excellent! I have just tried it and indeed I can start viewing my tour at any scene.

    Thank you very much, and thanks also to Andrey for the original post.



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